We R Memory Keepers - Tear Guides - 3 Rulers and 1 Water Pen

We R Memory Keepers


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Tear Guides - by WRMK (We R Memory Keepers) ... 3 (three) Shaped Rulers with 1 (one, empty) Water Pen.

These versatile clear blue long rulers are perfect to help create torn, deckled, wavy and zigzag edges, borders and frames in papercrafts.

The three rulers give you 6 (six) patterns to trace, tear along, use as a mask or use to measure. Patterns include Large zig zag, small zig zag, large wave, small shallow wave, coarse deckle (hilly, torn look), fine (small) deckle. Each also has a long straight centre guide. Each ruler has measurements in inches, 1/16 increments, clearly marked up to 12 inches in length.

Fill the empty water pen with water to use when needing a softer, more feathered torn look. Water also moistens, softens the structure of harder papers like vellum (semi-translucent paper that is like thick tracing paper) or handmade papers.

Pack contains ... 3 (three) blue clear guides and 1 (one) empty water pen. Measurements are imperial, inches and clearly marked in small increments. 

How to use...
- Place one of the guides on the paper, ensuring the bevelled edge is facing up (so you have the sharper edge to tear against).
- Press the tool firmly against the paper at the top and bottom.
- Pull the paper towards yourself at a 45 degree angle.
- paint with water along the edge of the guide first.
- allow to settle for half a minute or so (let the paper soak in the water).
- Hold down the guide firmly as you pull the paper to tear.
... Different thicknesses and types of paper will tear differently, with and without water.

Other ways to use these groovy shaped rulers...
- use a blending tool to blend ink or paint along the shaped edges.
- use the guides as a mask for an ink spray or paint spray.
- use a pencil, pen or marker to draw along, trace along the shaped edges.

When using markers, ink sprays, paints and inks, be sure to clean your rulers before the paints and inks dry!