Winsor & Newton Watercolour Medium - Granulation 75ml

Winsor & Newton


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Granulation Medium ... by Winsor & Newton.

This waterbased medium helps to increase the granulation of watercolour paints and inks. Granulation is the process of giving a mottled appearance to colours which usually give a smooth wash (eg, Winsor Blue), or enhancing the effect of granulating colours (eg, French Ultramarine) - to create variation in a gradient or blend.

W&N says on the bottle and their website "For maximum effect dilute colour generously with medium alone and always work by painting horizontal." 

Jenny explains ... All this means is that its recommended by Winsor & Newton to keep your painting level or flat, not on an easel because your paint will just run down the page - but sometimes we want that to happen!

This clear very fluid medium is used instead of water when painting with watercolours. Its can be used for creating unique blends, hues and gradients (ombres) of colour. It should work with all brands and kinds of watercolours and water-soluble paints and inks. Experiment and have fun!

Bottle contains 75ml clear granulation medium.