Wooden Shape - Dragon - Handcut Element for Art or Kitchen Trivet

Woodn Marbles


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A beautiful hand cut Dragon soaring through a ring (of fire maybe) with wings out stretched and claws ready to pounce.

The Dragon wooden shape could also be decorated or embellished with paints, papers, texture paste or anything that you wish. It could then be displayed on a wall or stand (framed or unframed).

This beautiful dragon in 3mm would look amazing as a feature on a canvas, framed artwork or included in a scrapbook layout set in a deep frame.

Use the 8-12mm dragon as a kitchen trivet, pot holder or dining room table feature. Seal before use with beeswax or vegetable oil.

Approx 18cm x 18cm in size.

Available in both 3mm or 8-12mm thick, hand cut from craftwood. Thickness of the 8-12mm item depends on availability, at the discretion of the craftsman.

Made in Australia by talented craftsman, Ray James of Wood'n Marbles.