Yasutomo Calligraphy Set - Chisel Tip Markers - 3 Pens - Black



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Calligraphy Lettering Pen Set, Black Ink ... by Yasutomo - pack of 3 (three) markers with flat chisel tip, different width tips (fine 2mm, medium 3.5mm, wide 5mm).

Yasutomo's Calligraphy Pens (felt tip markers with wide flat nibs) are ideal for using to create ornate lettering, calligraphy and cursive writing.

The dense black ink is waterbased, for writing on art paper, parchment, cardstock and writing paper.

Use these easy to hold, well balanced markers for elegant writing on invitations, letters, memos, signs, name tags, certificates, place cards, greeting cards, memory keeping, journaling, scrapbooking, daily documenting, on envelopes, and anywhere else you'd like to add beautiful writing.

Why ... Hand lettering is a wonderful way to add style to your own handiwork - not all notes need to be scribbled! Don't forget, for best results, write s-l-o-w-l-y!

Pack contains ... 3 (three) chisel tip pens with black ink. Sizes are fine 2mm, medium 3.5mm, wide 5mm (one of each).

Store pens with nib / lid down or horizontally.

Made in Japan by Yasutomo.