Yupo Paper Pad - Translucent 5x7 Small

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Translucent Yupo ... 5" x 7", card size

Yupo is a versatile unique paper for all arts and crafts including watercolour, mixed media and drawing. Being synthetic (its 100% polypropylene) enables it to be remain smooth and strong even during use, while staying thin and light.

The perfect shape for handpainted postcards and greeting cards... 12.7cm x 17.78cm or 5" x 7" in size. This paper pad has extra smooth translucent sheets, almost see-through similar to vellum.

Perfect for almost any application - watercolours, mixed media, alcohol inks, pen and ink, airbrush, acrylics, markers, crayons, collage and pencils. A wonderful paper to create washy backgrounds!

Yupo paper is a unique alternative to traditional watercolour papers. It's an incredibly durable, stain-resistant, non-absorbent synthetic paper that holds ink and watercolor with razor sharp precision. This extraordinary surface also resists tearing and buckling and it remains perfectly flat.

Yupo's super smooth finish makes all of the colours of the rainbow sing when applied to this revolutionary surface. Most mediums can be lifted off completely if needed - either for white space or to remove what you've created.

As a watercolor paper, it has the advantage of being non-absorbent so paints, inks and dies stay on top of its surface producing brilliant vibrant effects. Yupo requires no soaking, stretching or taping flat.

Pad size : 10 sheets of translucent Yupo, 153gsm (104lb), 5 inch x 7 inch.