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Dina Wakley MEdia

Dina Wakley Media - Gloss Acrylic - 56ml Bottle - Any 1 Colour

Dina Wakley Media - Gloss Acrylic - 56ml Bottle - Any 1 Colour

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Gloss Acrylic Paint - Choose any 1 (one) colour ... by Dina Wakley MEdia and Ranger Ink. Each bottle holds 1.9 fl oz (56ml) of colourful acrylic paint with the viscosity of thick ink. New neon colours are inStore!

These beautiful sprays are an opaque (gives good coverage) acrylic spray that dries to a smooth glossy finish. Spray onto all your creations - mixed media, art Journals, through stencils, over masks, onto Chipboard Shapes, artboards and other porous surfaces.

Perfect for marbled backgrounds, galaxies, rainbows or blends in any combination you wish, designed to suit almost any theme and project including modern, shabby chic, vintage, bright, neutrals, anything you wish! Use for creating in altered books, journaling, scrapbook pages, cards, painting, spray painting, paper craft and other visual arts projects.

Use as a spray, pour on a surface, pour on your mat and swipe, use a brayer or roller, use a paint brush or attach a fine-tipped applicator nozzle to draw, write and doodle.

Watersoluble until dry, glossy (shiny) acrylic paint based media in a spray. Permanent on porous surfaces once dry.

Please note ... All bottles except the 6 neons are factory sealed with a sprayer, while the neons have a long eyedropper instead of the sprayer. Also available (sold separately) are the Long Dropper Tops in packs of 3 and Replacement Sprayer tops in packs of 2. 

Which will you choose to use? ... All the colours are here - Including the newest releases!
Let me know by replying to the order email or adding a comment to your order. 
FYI, if any are out of stock, they're marked with ... ^_* out of stock.

- Stoked (neon, bright pink) ... NEW!
- Tubular (neon, bright green) ... NEW!
- Radical (neon, bright orange)... NEW!
- Legit (neon, bright blue) ... NEW!
- Gnarly (neon, bright yellow) ... NEW!
- Bodacious (neon, vibrant purple) ... NEW!

- Evergreen ... (cool medium green)
- Ancient ... (metallic copper)
- Sterling ... (metallic silver)
- Sedona ... (earthy rustic red)
- Blushing ... (light pink peach)
- Lapis ... (Egyptian blue, medium blue)
- Black
- Peacock (turquoise blue)
- Orchid (purple pink)
- Sage (light blue-green)
- Syrup (gingerbread)
- night (navy blue)
- marine (sea blue)
- olive (earthy green)
- cheddar (its a dark golden yellow)
- fuchsia (deep pink) 
- eggplant (purple)
- white (opaque) 
- magenta (pink)
- turquoise (blue green)
- ocean (bright sea blue)
- lime (bright yellow-green)
- lemon (sunny yellow)
- Aloe (pale green)
- Apricot (light orange)
- Carnation (light pink)
- Gilt (gold, metallic)
- Heather (light purple)
- Medieval (dark steel blue-grey, metallic)
- Mineral (light blue)
- Sand (pale brown)
- Ruby (rich red)
- Blackberry (dark dark purple)
- Sky (light to medium blue)
- Tangerine (bright orange)
- Tangelo (orange)
- Fir (deep green)
- Rouge (warm red)
... mix and match or collect to use them all.

How to Use...
Spray on your page, on your off-the-page project, through a stencil, over a mask, onto your craft mat and press a stamp into the paint (then press to print on your artwork), dip in a brush, dip in a splatter brush! - experiment, enjoy all the gorgeous colourful fun!
The spray nozzle is easy to use and maintain. Sometimes an airbubble may block the straw, but that's easy to fix too ... simply hold the nozzle down for 30 seconds to allow the airbubble to travel up and out of the straw. Air bubbles are created from shaking the bottle instead of swirling :)
Don't forget to wipe clean the nozzle after use.
If you end up blocking the nozzle totally, use an old sprayer top from any Ranger sprayer bottle of similar size (so keep the good ones!). We also have spares :)

Acid free and non-toxic.

Pack includes 1 (one) bottle of Dina Wakley Gloss Spray Acrylic in the colour of your choice. Each bottle contains 1.9 fl oz (56ml). Sprayer tops are on original colours, dropper tops are on neon colours. 

Designed by Dina Wakley, made by Ranger.

As every device is different, the colours shown are only a representation.

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