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Latest Updates for New Arty Treasure - Product News Jan-Mar 2017

Latest Updates for New Arty Treasure - Product News Jan-Mar 2017

March 21 Update

PreOrder Update - My 2nd Delivery for Distress Oxide Ink Pads is next week, 28th March 2017 :)

I received a shipping notification today (21st) and had a wonderful surprise... the Oxides are on their way sooner than expected! Woo hoo! Wait till you see them in real life too - the colours look gorgeous :)

Single colours for each the ink pads and refills will be online later today along with everything else in my shipping notification - lots and lots of treasure! Gonna be a busy girl today :)

What else? I received a shipping notification from Stampers Anonymous a week or so ago, so more of the brand new CHA / Creativation releases will be here any day now!
- edit : 5 new stamp designs arrived last night - Slate & Stone, Vines & Roses (so pretty), Flower Jar (love it), Illustrated Garden (gorgeous) and Scribbles & Spirals.

Click here to check out the newbies :)

Dyary News

I know, the  Dylusions Dyaries feel like they're taking forever but they'll be here very very soon. My sources say they'll be here with me at the end of next week (around the 28th) with Dyan's other groovy treasures like the journal tape, flip journals, Dyary ink, Dyary tape, Dyary stickers and a whole stash of Tim's Idea-Ology - boutiques of flowers, paper dolls, alphabets and more! So much more :D
Sadly, my order doesn't include the Dyary die cuts - but I do have in stock 3 collections of colouring sheets.

Its pretty awesome! I just need to get my skates on and get them online so you can find them. Which reminds me, if you ever want to buy Tim's set of 12x12 metal drawers or spinning storage tray, sing out any time! I have deliveries from the US every month so its easy enough to add 1 or 3 extra items just for you :)

Darkroom Door have just announced a set of fantastic NEW Eclectic Stamps and they'll be here late March or early April. The pics look amazing :) I'll download them and add them to this blog post. Sing out if you want to PreOrder :)

Tim's Hipsters look so groovy in real life... just sayin' :)

Thanks for waiting with me for these treasures. I wish you a happy, creative day!

Feb 26 Update

They've arrived! Tim's stamps of Hipsters, Motivation series, Illustrated Garden, Brush Strokes plus Darkroom Door's beautiful new collage stamps.

Dyan Reaveley's newly designed Silhouette Stencils arrived as well, named from left to right - Jay, Ben and Emmi. These 3 stencils are the replacements for the dearly departed Flossie, Ruby, Lottie, Bert and Fred.

Etcetera now means 'Tim Treasure'!

The Tim Holtz Etcetera tags are here! These look and feel amazing :D

Tim Holtz's Etcetera range of tags are different to any surface you've used before! Made by Stamers Anonymous from what they call thickboard, a type of craftwood or thick chipboard. These tags are strong, smooth and ready for anything you want to create, embellish, paint, sand or drill - anything at all. Available in 3 sizes - 5.5"x10", 6.5"x12" and 8.25"x14.25".

Tim Holtz Etcetera tags

click here for New Treasure!

Love stencils? Me too! Finally, I've ordered my faves of the Mini Tim Holtz Layering Stencil range. The new ones aren't far away. The estimated release date from Stampers Anonymous is April (must check this!). If you come across any that I've not put online and would love to buy, let me know and I'll get them in for you. You can find all the stencils and masks here.

Tim Holtz cling stamp set Hipsters are animal portraits wearing ties and hatsThe Distress Oxide ink pads are arriving soon! Have you seen them? So much fun to be had I reckon. I've added them into the shop now as a PreOrder (click here) with the first delivery of ink pads and reinkers arriving mid to late March. Order today or contact me to be notified when they are here.

Dyan Reaveley and Dylusions Dyary or Perpetual DiaryDyan's dyary has had a slight delay but they'll be here very soon, also in mid March! Along with ALL the stickers, stamps, washi and more. The accessory bags aka stencil pockets will be here soon too.

So many treasures! Are you lucky enough to get your hands on any of these yet? Had time to play yet? I hope so. After all, that's what buying all these treasures is all about - more to use for art, craft and being creative in any way!

Thanks for your time :) Have an awesome happy, creative day!

Feb 12 Update

Some of Tim's stamps are flying across to us as I speak (type) ... Hipsters, Motivation series, Illustrated Garden, Brush Strokes and more. Darkroom Door newbies are instore now :D

I received the shipping notification from Stampers Anonymous yesterday (11 Feb) and it usually takes around a week for treasures to arrive so look for "nearly here" or "on its way" in the product name to see what's included. I've left the word "PreOrder" on as they're not here yet :) Any questions, sing out any time!

Tim's latest stencil designs will be here any day now... the tracking estimates Wednesday this week :D Sooooo exciting! Travelling with them are refills for the Masters' Cleaner, Yupo paper, most of Tim's stencils plus a "few" other treasures. Prismacolor blending pencils sold out again but will be back in March.

Dyan's groovy Dyary (diary, journal) is on its way to us too. I've only ordered 1 box (10) so get your order in quick so you don't miss out! Next delivery is in March for these. 

That's it for today's news. So far! lol :) There's always something exciting happening in the art and craft Universe!

Have an awesome happy, creative day!

Jan 31 News

As you probably have already seen and heard, there are so many arty treasures from Tim Holtz, Tonic Studios, Dylusions of Dyan Reaveley and Ranger about to be released.

Just like every new product announcement, they show off their new ideas and favourite new toys, then make us wait until the products have been manufactured. But its a good thing - this way we all get to have a good dose of retail and art therapy each and every month, not all at once!

image showing products soon to arrive at Art by Jenny online shop

Arrivals from Tim, Dyan and friends are happening every 4 or 5 weeks starting mid February. So exciting! Can't wait to see the bouquets of flowers (Idea-Ology), Tim and Tonic's fabulous new stamping gadget (like the Misti but half the price!) and Dyan's groovy new diary, I mean Dyary. I'd say sorry for my excitement but I'd just have to take it back because I simply love love love it all! The colours, designs, textures, ideas, inspiration, and more colours... {{happy sigh}} lol :)

Tim Holtz Stamp Collection HipsterDylusions Creative Dyary by Dyan Reaveley

This link will transport you to the "What's New" category to see what's just arrived

Click this link to see and preorder all the brand new goodies

Gorgeous NEW Darkroom Door stamps are on their way - arriving in a couple of weeks... can't wait :) I love the look of it all (as always! lol), the Grunge Marks, Butterflies and Classic Cars. And the Hummingbirds are gorgeous too! Rachel's special occasion sayings are practical as well as beautiful.

Darkroom Door Classic Cars Stamp SetDarkroom Door Hummingbirds stamp set 

The Texture Stamps and more of the other collections are planned to arrive this year. Slowly I'm building up the shop to have every single Darkroom Door stamp available for you to buy.

This is a direct link to all Darkroom Door new arrivals

Speaking of my wishlist, Liquitex acrylic paints are arriving in the next few weeks. I'm ordering the basics plus a few favourites like veridian, aqua and turquoise! You've just got to have all the gorgeous mermaid colours at hand, it saves so much time and hassle mixing them. With basics you can create nearly every colour under the sun but if you want other colours, simply ask :)

The Liquitex bottles of ink are on their way too. I love ink :) Such a versatile medium - it can be used for drawing, colouring, painting, splashing, dripping - anything at all. Plus if you add it to the thick gel mediums, it becomes a thick paint. AND it works beautifully with all the Distress, Winsor & Newton and Gansai Tambi ranges too :) Yay!

Paint brushes are still here waiting to be added to the shop... along with Winsor & Newton mediums (watercolour paints in tubes and pans are on the way), Liquitex gesso, IndigoBlu stamps ... I've got Rain Drops, Kibble Puppies and Kittens, Rebecca, Ella Bella and a few more.

Anybody still want Brusho or Ken Oliver watercolour powders? I haven't ordered them again because I find my Tim Holtz Distress Ink Sprays to be so much easier to use. And cleaner if you can believe it! I ended up with watercolour dust everywhere when I last used Brusho powder - I've given it to a friend who simply loves the stuff :) Obviously it was something I did because she doesn't make a mess at all. lol :)

If you want them, let me know. Both Brusho Crystal Colours and Ken Oliver Color Bursts can easily be ordered from my supplier.

FYI ... Below is a background made for my latest ATCs using Tim's Distress Ink Sprays.

background featuring Tim Holtz Distress Ink

I've found that Tim Holtz's ink sprays and stains are permanent once heat set and if sprayed with a mist of fixative, the colours don't fade. Most watercolours need to be set with a fixative before adding other layers so the colours don't reactivate with water or other ink.

I always spray a fine mist of fixative over my art, just in case. Any brand will work - just make sure it says "non yellowing". If you can't find it or aren't sure what you're looking for, ask me anytime :)

Thanks for reading my shop's blog. I'm off to Blogger now to upload my latest creations... its been a while so there'll be a few pics to see. Have a wonderful, creative and Happy day!


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Kuretake Japanese Art Pens Review

Kuretake Japanese Art Pens Review

Summary... Love them!

Kuretake's Hikkei Double Ended Brush Pen and Fudegokochi Fine Point Brush Pens are Japanese professional pens with black archival ink, designed to be used for art, drawing, writing and calligraphy. Kuretake are the people who make Gansai Tambi watercolour paints and other very high quality art and design products.

Normally marketed towards artists who draw comics, cartoons and anime, these pens are versatile and flexible. The brush tips on both pens are springy and precise. They are extra fine if you mark with the very tip and wide if used on the side or pressed firmer. Only time will tell how well the tips last but so far the tips don't go furry and thick, meaning they'll stay beautiful and precise for a long time. I love drawing with them, so light and smooth to use! They glide over the page :)

Click here for the 'Pencils, Pens and Markers' category in the shop

photo of Kuretake brush pens

The black ink is a clean neutral grey base. Alot of black inks have a red, green or blue base, meaning when the black is thinned down, it has a coloured tint. This ink is totally grey, not even a hint of another colour when I was cleaning off my Crazy Cat stamp.

Kuretake Fudegokochi Drawing Pens Review withTim Holts Crazy Cat and Twisted stencil

The pencil drawing in the background of my play space was a sketch of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Starry Night... well, it started out as that then turned into just a few hills that the astromoner could climb to watch the various flying objects! lol Just noticed they're very feint in the photo so may not be visible on small devices but you can see the tent and mountaineer easily (top right) :) Here's my other one...

sketch that started out as Starry Starry Night drawn by Jenny

Anyway, back to the pens!

As a test, I drew a row of scribbly trees with the silver barrelled Hikkei to the right of the page. The 2 thick sweeps are drawn with the side of the pen. Below this I stippled with both the side and tip of the brush, then a few dashes... it can be extra extra fine if you go lightly :)

I then drew more trees with the Fudegokochi, both ends. I found the fine tip drew thinner than the Hikkei. Just realised I didn't draw with the side of this pen before taking the main photo but its about twice the thickness as the Hikkei's thick sweep as shown below.

closeup of the pen marks

Using the Tim Holtz layering stencil "Mini Twisted", I traced a couple of branches. The Hikkei was best for this as I could get the finer twists traced without filling in the space as much. See the yellow branch, its cleaner than the green.

closeup of the Twisted layering stencil lines

Adding colour with my Zig waterbrush and Gansai Tambi paints, I discovered the pens were permanent on paper (and wash off plastic using water). No amount of water made the lines bleed.

Quick link to all waterbrushes :)

Cooooool :) So got out my Crazy Cat stamps! Love these guys :) I used the Fudegokochi thick end and brushed over the stamp... it inks up rely well and washes off easily. Great for precision and selective area stamping. Normally I use my Tim markers, Distress inkpads and Archival inkpad for inking up stamps... using this pen for the image will stop me getting black ink everywhere its not wanted!

three little kittens without any mittens

I only inked up this kitten's head once but stamped the three times. You can see the nice cool grey outline better in this pic. Perfect when you want to ink up in grey not black. Just remember to stamp on scrap before your project to get the grey!

I've drawn on the last available page in my Strathmore "drawing paper" visual journal so the paper is absorbant (unlike mixed media, acrylic or mixed media paper) and water makes the paper pill (go fluffy) and swell. I'll draw and paint on anything though unless I'm working on a particular project (that requires a certain paper or object).

I love Strathmore's paper ... so here's another quick link, this time to Strathmore.

So my overall thought? Love them :) Thanks for reading my blog.

Have a happy day!

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How to Trim Darkroom Door Stamp Sets

I love Darkroom Door stamps! There are so many ways to use them - as backgrounds of cards, featured in journals, added to a mixed media canvas, used on a scrapbook page - anything at all.

The quality of these stamps is superb. Every image is easy to ink up and prints beautifully every time, just as designed - not squashed or missing fine details like some clear stamps do (for me).

I may appear a bit biased as I sell them, but I do love them (which is WHY I choose to sell them).

Gorgeous handmade greeting card by Godelieve for Darkroom Door

The gorgeous green card above is by Godelieve Tijskens of Stamping Mathilda, talented artist and designer for Darkroom Door. Big thank yous go to Godelieve and Rachel Grieg for the use of this image :)

The only thing I've heard is tricky is trimming around each image or word. While the quotes, background and eclectic stamps by Darkroom Door are ready to use straight out of the packet (apart from taking off the paper backing), the stamp sets require a little preparation before use.

Click this link for my FREE Stamp Trimming Service!

How to Trim Your Darkroom Door Stamps...

Step 1
I prefer to use my Tim Scissors (Tim Holtz Tonic Serrated Scissors). They are sharp and strong, great for the stretchy rubber - plus the serrated blades grip the rubber as you cut, allowing you to cut closely with precision.

Step 2
Leave the paper backing on and with the image or stamp facing you, cut carefully around all the elements or just the element you require.

Step 3
The excess I find quite useful as it can be cut into shapes like squares, triangles, circles, polygons and anything else - shapes are great to use either featured (with doodling) or in backgrounds. Let your imagination be your guide!

Step 4
Next, peel off white backing paper and place stamp onto a clear acrylic block of a similar size.

Step 5
Colour the image with Distress markers, ink, stains, paints or press into texture paste or gesso. Be sure to wash straight away so the pastes don't dry onto the stamp.

Step 6
Store your stamp set in the handy storage case provided with each set.

Click here to see all stamps by Darkroom Door
Click here to see the Tim Scissors aka Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors

Example of trimmed stamps

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Going Crazy for Birds and Things

Every time I see the crazy birds, cats and things by Tim Holtz I grin from ear to ear. They're such adorable, groovy and nutty characters that its hard not to smile! I just love them all :)

Remember this groovy picture of a collection of artwork from early last year? It's from the blog of Tim Holtz "Simply Bird Crazy" blog post when the Bird Crazy stamps first arrived on the scene.

Its a great example of what could be made using the nutty adorable birds, one of my favourite stamp sets. They can be used for so many different and varied events and themes, especially when they're used with the Crazy Things stamp set!

Their furry friends are all in stock and awaiting their new homes :)

This is a link to all Tim's Crazy stamps and dies at Art by Jenny

image from the Tim Holtz Simply Bird Crazy blog post

Here are more creations that I find really inspiring...

This first one is by Anna-Karin found at the Sizzix blog. It a great example of using the Distress Micro Glaze, Distress paints and Dina Wakley acrylic paints together with the Bird Crazy dies. Its a fantastic piece of art with lots of fabulous texture and wonderful colours.

another crazy bird creation from Sizzix

Links ... Distress Micro Glaze - Distress Paints - Dina Wakley Paints 

One thing to note about the instructions on the Sizzix blog...
Use whatever you have on hand - scissors (if you don't have the dies), Cuttlebug (instead of a Bigshot) and any old cardboard box for the background. Most boxes still use the corrugated paper inbetween the smooth outer surface, simply peel this back to reveal the wrinkled card.

For the background - You could also use plain cardstock run through the embossing machine to create texture.

I prefer Strathmore watercolour paper as it doesn't pill or fall apart if you use too much water. For the technique they've used for colouring the birds (sealing the white card and dragging the paper through the ink on the craft sheet), you could even use regular cardstock (like Bazzill, the textured side) and let it dry completely before putting the birds together.

This next one is from Richele Christensen aka California Art Girl. Richele has created a variety of greeting cards using the Bird Crazy stamps and die set with some fantastic backgrounds. Her colour combinations are wonderful and the mix of elements is fantastic. So inspirational!

image from the Richele Christensen Bird Crazy blog post

image from the Richele Christensen Bird Crazy blog post
Love the colour combos in this card, well I would - green is my favourite colour! The green spots emphasize the gorgeous greens and blues used for his feathers / body. The layers of cardstock are given additonal attraction by use of string (twine).

image from the Richele Christensen Bird Crazy blog post

This bird is just like me when I'm painting - splatters everywhere and different colours all over the place! Loving this card alot :) 

The third artist, Bobbi Smith of Vintage Muse Designs, has such an incredible way of mixing colours, backgrounds and textures with 3D elements (paper tole). Check out these few samples then hop over to her blog for all the others.

image from the Bobbi Smith blog post

image from the Bobbi Smith blog post

image from the Bobbi Smith blog post

image from the Bobbi Smith blog post

Tim Holtz Crazy Cats stamp set image

Soon we will have the most adorable Crazy Cats taking over the limelight from the birds. They're arriving at Art by Jenny around the 20th to 25th May :) Can't wait!

I hope this post has inspired you to get out your Distress markers, inks and Crazy Bird stamps and have some fun. I'm here if you have questions or need help :)

Next blog post I'll find you some original creations using these fab Cats. See you then!

Happy Creative Day!

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Art Journaling Around Australia - Country

Life does get busy at times, but there is always time for art! I'm a tad behind with my swaps but I've finally finished and posted off this art journal page.

The theme is "country" and so I chose to do something that related to the gorgeous Aussie koala and our amazing day and night skies.

In Australia, we have koalas who love the city life as well as those who love the peaceful life of the countryside. I was inspired by a painting I saw in Pinterest ages ago called 'Night and Day' by an unknown artist.

My painting was created using Winsor & Newton watercolour paints and Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils with highlights using the Chameleon's black detailer pen. You can recreate this painting using any paints and pencils you have. At the end of this blog post I've added a few links of my favourites.

Art Journaling page spread featuring the theme Country

When I first went to write this blog post I was going to just say watercolours, but then I often get asked what brand and type, so there you go :)

The paper in this journal is regular art paper so not the best for water but as long as you don't go overboard with smooshing the paper while its wet, its ok.

I started with lemon yellow and dashes of red, then more yellow... then remembered to get that groovy texture that I love about watercolours, I must let it dry before adding more. So I moved over to the other page and used a sky blue and Prussian blue with splatters of Indigo. Then left it alone while I made a coffee.. that's the hardest part of watercolours - the waiting till it dries! 

With the hot air gun in a cupboard somewhere (that safe place!), I used the hairdryer with the diffuser attachment and blasted the pages until they were dry. Only took a couple of minutes :)

watercolour paints with a splash of water creates amazing background effects

After the backgrounds were dry, I added a bit more blue, indigo, yellow and red with splatters of water to break up the colours.

The next step was sketching out the tree. I used the black watercolour pencil for this and just kept adding branches and leaves until I felt it was finished... then added some more :)

Australian koala exploring the branches of a eucalypt gum tree at night

The night time koala is sketched in grey pencil along with indigo, black and white. His nose and eyes were drawn with the Chameleon Pen. The moon was simply an arc of water from my aquabrush (waterbrush), pressing down with paper towel and repeating this process 3 or 4 times until I had a moon showing in the sky. After it was dry, I added a feint line with an indigo pencil to give it a bit of definition.

at sunrise or sunset you will find a koala snoozing in the gum tree

Sunset, just before the koala wakes for his evening stroll around his territory. The sun I actually left as a white spot. I thought of adding more colour to it afterwards but left it alone. The grass is simply the black and indigo pencils flicked about at various lengths - totally random.

the finish art journal watercolour painting

The final part of this painting are my wording, the birds and adding a dash of water using my aquabrush to the tree trunk and grass, smoothing out the pencil marks.

Ta da! My painting is finished :) I actually really like this one. Its not often I like my own art so its a surprise when I do. Luckily art doesn't have to be realistic or that koala would starve - koalas are very fussy about what type of eucalypt leaves they eat.

If you have a go but get stuck or need help finding supplies, sing out anytime. I'm here to help :)

Thanks so much for visiting and reading my blog. I hope it makes you smile and inspires you to make time for art.

Happy Creative Day!


Products used or are equivalent to what I've used are...
- Watercolour Pencils
- Paints and Paint Brushes
- Pens and Markers
as well as these groovy treasures...

Dylusions Creative Art Journal image of the Distress empty sprayer image of the Chameleon Pen Black Detailer Marker  

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