Postage Information and other Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I shop at Art by Jenny?
How can I add items to a current order?
How do I use Wishlists?
What are the costs for delivery throughout Australia?
How much is delivery for New Zealand?
Other postage information.
Do you have instalment plans?
Who is Art by Jenny?
Refunds, Terms and Conditions.

How to Buy Arty Treasures

Shopping ... Simply enjoy a leisurely wander around the Art by Jenny online shop to find products you wish to purchase and click the "add to cart" button. 

Shopping Cart ... This is a slide out drawer now, to make it easier to see what is in the cart at a glance. I haven't found the link to open the shopping cart as a stand alone page yet, but we might not need it.  
A shopping cart is just like the cart or basket at the supermarket. You can add more, take things out, check or adjust the quantities. Click 'update cart' if you change anything and the subtotal will update.

For a more efficient shopping experience we recommend using the "Check Out" button (next to where it says "update cart" in the shopping cart).

The other payment buttons that may show in the shopping cart are 'express gateways' for ShopPay, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. They are there for your convenience. These buttons are for express payment gateways create quicker shopping, however they may not save comments or show different postage options.

Unless you are able to change the options in your device, this express gateway will use the default shipping method and whatever details you have saved on your device (credit card, Paypal, name, address, email, phone). How each of these payment gateways work is different on every single device!

The Check Out ... After leaving the Shopping Cart using the 'Check Out' button, you will arrive at a webpage with a pale purple background. This is where the total of the order is calculated and finalised. It shows the express payment buttons again, which are improving as technology inproves. The check out includes the subtotal of the products, GST, the delivery options and costs, confirms your details and the delivery address, plus it has the place to apply discount codes and redeem Gift Cards. On some devices, you may need to choose a shipping method before you can see where to apply the discount and Gift Card codes. Again, each device is different!

Adding Extras to a Current Order ... To buy more arty treasures and have them posted with a current order (one that hasn't been posted yet), simply use this special discount code "PleaseAddThisToo". Please make sure to contact us beforehand in case your parcel has already left the building.

Personal Pickup ... To pick up your orders from Art by Jenny, simply use the discount code "PersonalPickup" in the checkout then chat with us to discuss a date and time for when you'd like to pop by and pick up your parcel. 

Comments with Orders ... Add a message using the comment box last, when you are ready to to through to the Check Out, which is the orange the button labelled "Check Out" (next to 'update cart') in the shopping cart. Typing a comment before changing quantities, refreshing the page, adding items into the cart or using the express payment gateways, may delete the comment, so I recommend to leave adding a comment until last and use the 'Check Out' button rather than the others. Alternatively, send an email or text message, or reply to your order notification after your order. 

The good news is that however you choose to shop, whether you use the express gateways, the official Shopify Shop app or our Art by Jenny Shop Check Out, your payment is always processed using encrypted methods, safely and securely. 

If you need a hand or have questions, ask me anytime. Phone or send a text 0428 898 120, use email or write using the 'say hello' contact page.

Arty Wishlists!

Shop App ... this is a phone/device application (purple square with word "shop", owned by Shopify) --- and it has a Wishlist function. Or rather, a Favourites function. Simply click the little heart on a product and it saves it for you. If the product is out of stock it notifies you automatically (it has a little bell in the top right hand corner for this, it doesn't actually send you anything). I've been using it to see how it works and even without logging into an account, it works fine :)

Here are a few other ways to save a wishlist ...
- take screenshots as you wander through the shop, then you have a series of pictures in your camera to look at whenever you wish.
- take photos of the screen if looking at a computer in the library or cafe.
- write lists in a journal, diary, notebook or a piece of paper using a pen, pencil or crayon (in your favourite colour of course).
- type out a list using your phone or device software (app), eg Notes, TextEdit, Word or Google docs.
- dust off the old typewriter and use that to type out a list then pin it on a corkboard for all to gaze upon (then they know what you'd like for your birthday).
... I'm sure there are many ways to create a wishlist, these are only a few. 

If you are logged into your 'Art by Jenny' shop account and add items to the shopping cart, then close the website down for another day, this shopping cart may get saved for 30 days as something called an 'abandoned cart'. Sometimes it even saves the cart comments but not always! What is saved and for how long, depends on how you have your device set up regarding cookies and privacy settings.

The Notify Me Service ... if you see something you'd like and it is out of stock, contact me using email or the Say Hello form and I will let you know when we get more stock. This is not an automated service, therefore you may see a product is back in stock before I write to you. Unless it's as rare as hens' teeth, in which case I will definitely contact you before I update the product online, to give you first choice. 

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Spend AU$85+ for FREE Delivery Australia Wide

'Art by Jenny' delivers art and craft products from South Australia to any location in Australia - including PO Boxes, islands, remote stations, bays, houses, units, apartments, flats, homes or businesses ... anywhere and everywhere!

Your order is usually on its way with Australia Post within 1 to 3 days of ordering, however, sometimes when PreOrdered products arrive inStore it might take 3-5 extra days to catch up.  

Timeframes for processing and packing by 'Art by Jenny' then delivery by Australia Post are a guide only and do not take into account any delays, busy times, weekends, mental health days,  and or public holidays. If your order is urgent please contact us to let us know. 

'Art by Jenny' is not financially liable or otherwise for missing, lost, returned for any reason, misdirected or delayed parcels (with or without tracking) - but we will do our best to help sort out any problem if and when it happens.

PreOrders ...
Please be aware that any item bought in the same transaction as a product that is purchased in advance (PreOrder) may be put on hold until the new treasures arrive. Timeframes and waiting times vary, updates are in each item description (and are updated regularly), or contact us for details. If you wish to have the items on hand posted promptly, your PreOrdered item/s may incur additional postage.

Postage fees throughout Australia ...
All orders are sent from Art by Jenny using an Australia Post trackable service. Details of the order are emailed to you after your order is dispatched. Delivery fees are calculated by size and weight of a parcel.
- the Standard speed delivery fees (usually takes 2-4 days up to 2-3 weeks) and costs from $7.95. Price is determined by weight and size of items ordered. This delivery fee includes tracking, priority postage and handling. 
- Orders for AU$85 or more (in one transaction) receive FREE trackable Standard speed delivery throughout all of Australia.
- the Express Post delivery fee (usually takes 1 to 5 days) and costs from $15.20. This delivery fee includes postage, handling and tracking. While Australia Post do not guarantee next day delivery at this time, this is still a fast option.
- Orders for AU$250 or more (in one transaction) receive FREE trackable Express Post fast delivery throughout all of Australia.
- Optional Extras ... signature upon delivery is optional (simply let us know). Insurance is not included on any parcels but is available for an extra fee and needs to be organised before packing your order.
- Contact us if you are unsure which option to choose.

If purchasing large heavy or bulky items that weigh more than 5kg or their cubic measurement is deemed to be over 5kg (even if they're light), and your order total is priced to receive FREE Express Post, we will contact you to discuss options. 
Product examples that are deemed heavy and or bulky are the Tim Holtz Rotary and Precision Trimmers, large empty storage tins and Sizzix die cutting machies.

All prices mentioned anywhere and everywhere throughout all of the 'Art by Jenny' website and or online shop are in Australian dollars.

FYI, Express Postage isn't how fast I post the order, but how quickly it travels with Australia Post.
- While "Express, Next Day Delivery" means to most of us as it says (fast fast, quick quick), Australia Post states that there are some postcodes where "next day" does not apply. Currently, the next day service is not guaranteed because of the covid interrupting life around the world, however Express Post gets prioritised and therefore faster than regular parcel post. Check their website at for details or ask us, we're here to help.

Art by Jenny reserves the right to adjust, alter, edit, change, reduce and or improve any prices for products and postage, delivery and product information, policies and any other elements of this website at any time without notice.

Personal Pickup available (Hackham West, South Australia)
- By appointment only.
- Use the special discount code "PersonalPickup" in the checkout. This will remove any postage costs.
- Once your order is ready, you will be contacted by email or text message with our address and to discuss pickup times.
- phone 0428898120 or send a text message to chat and or book.

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International Shipping to New Zealand

Prices quoted here are in Australian dollars. These postage costs are calculated using the weight and size of a product.
When you've clicked the "use my currency" button then you will see an estimated price on the product pages and in the shopping cart - the actual currency conversion is governed by the banks and Paypal and it changes daily.

New Zealand
- regular delivery service
- includes tracking
- parcel insurance is an optional extra, available upon request.
- Standard delivery normally takes 7 to 10 business days (1 to 2 weeks), however due to covid, it may take around 3-5 weeks.
- priced from AU$16.00.
- fast speedy delivery
- includes tracking
- parcel insurance is an optional extra, available upon request.
- Express delivery normally takes 2-5 business days, however due to covid, it may take around 1-2 weeks.
- priced from AU$33.50.

For tracking of parcels, it might be best to use the New Zealand Post Service website for more accurate timeframes.

Rest of the World
Delivery is not available outside of Australia and New Zealand. Stay safe, keep well and be crafty :)
If you do place an order from outside of Australia or New Zealand, Art by Jenny will cancel and refund the order, and you will be notified by email.

Customs fees and or import duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. Art by Jenny is not financially liable or responsible in any way for any fees, costs, taxes, duties or anything else that arises before, during or after delivery.

Ask me anytime (phone, email, fb message) if you have questions!

Other Postage Information

All orders are usually sent within 2-3 days of ordering, except for weekends, public holidays and other occasions. PreOrders and special orders are posted after they arrive instore.
I'll always let you know if there is an unexpected delay, things to discuss or unexpected tragedy (also known as temporarily out of stock).

Once it leaves the Art by Jenny's premises in South Australia, it may take anywhere between 1 to 30 days depending where you are and what postage service you choose. Art by Jenny will not be held liable for how long it takes to travel from the shop to the final destination or for lost, missing, broken or damaged parcels and their contents. When treasure leaves our shop it is in perfect condition, packed carefully and labeled clearly.

If you change your delivery address at any time, don't forget to update all the apps you use on your phone, the computer and in your accounts... update your address everywhere, just to be sure!
Its always a good idea to organise a redirection notice with Australia Post as well, just to cover all bases until you've told everyone you moved.

Of course, sometimes thing go wrong no matter how well we plan but rest assured, Art by Jenny is always be here to help as best we can if anything does go wrong. Australia Post and your local postie are also available to help.

Delivery and Tracking ... To make it more efficient for you, your email will be included into the Australia Post MyPost labelling system when the label is purchased for your parcel. This little detail enables you to have control over where you wish your parcel to be left, hidden in a safe place or redirected. It also sends you notifications each time your parcel is scanned and delivered. You can choose to use your mobile phone number instead (or as well as) if you wish. Let me know if you do!

If you do NOT wish your email or mobile to be shared with the Australia Post parcel system, please let me know as soon as you can.

When I use the Australia Post trackable envelopes (the tracking number starts with "TMP19"), it is not an automated notification service so please ensure the delivery address stated on your order is correct.
The Australia Post MyPost tools are efficient and easy to use but if you need a hand, I'm here to help. So are your local post office Posties.

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Layby Service

In case you were wondering if I had some sort of agreement with a payment plan company - no, sorry! But I do have a good old fashioned Layby Service, personalised just for you.

How it works ... I use Paypal to create an invoice that has the ability to pay with instalments enabled. Product and postage prices are the same as on this website. Then you simply pay it off at regular intervals, however and whenever you wish before the expiry date (usually 6-8 weeks), at your convenience.
Once the invoice is finalised, I email you the Tax Invoice, post you your treasures then send you the tracking information.
No order limits, no minimums (apart from initial 20% deposit), no extra fees, no excessive interest charges if you take too long. There is a time limit of 6 to 8 weeks but that's flexible too. Let me know how much time you need when you decide what you’d like.

How to Organise a Layby ... To let me know what you'd like to buy by phone, email or snailmail. We chat back and forth about pricing, availability and timeframes, then go from there. Simple and flexible for both of us. Any questions, ask me anytime. Happy shopping! :) Jenny 

Paypal now also has an instalment plan called 'Pay in 4'. Contact Paypal for details. 

Gift Cards, Discount Coupons and Vouchers

When you buy a Gift Card or Voucher using the Digital Gift Card, you receive a special code sent to you by email once the order is processed. The emailed Gift Cards are easy to use. Simply scan the QR code, type the code, or copy/paste the code into into the discount code section of the Check Out. The shop's computer should automatically sort it out. If you do get stuck, I'm here to help :)

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Why buy from 'Art by Jenny'?

I was asked this a while ago... I had no idea at the time but I'm always very grateful that people do. After much soul searching and questioning others, I've declared that you should buy from me because  I'm practically perfect in every way! Plus you'll receive quality art supplies, exceptional service and friendly help every time.

I'm not Mary Poppins, I'm an artist and graphic designer with many years experience (arts, crafts, life) who loves to admire, feel, smell, use and share everything and anything colourful and creative. Anything you see in my shop is also used in my own art.

I'm a huge fan of Tim Holtz, Dyan Reaveley (Dylusions), Dina Wakley MEdia and Darkroom Door, plus also love to use supplies from Ranger, Sizzix, Stampers Anonymous, Pink Ink Designs, Jane Davenport, Strathmore Paper, Finnabair, Caran D'Ache, Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, Prima Marketing, Heidi Swapp, Kuretake Zig, Stamperia, Tonic Studios, Prismacolor and so many more designers and brands from all around our world.

I believe art and craft supplies are the key ingredients to help us all be creative, so our hearts and minds can unwind and heal from illness, injuries and the life of every day. You can also draw in the sand, create mosaics with glass or stone, do some gardening or even weld a snail (weld, as in make a sculpture with metal) - however you love to create, go for it! Have fun! Creating is just so good for you, especially in this super fast paced, digital world of ours :)

Honestly, there's no point buying the cheaply manufactured products because they don't do what we want them to do, no matter how many layers you add its just not the same - colours don't blend, paper goes fluffy, paint dries chalky, glues go yellow, stamps fall apart or go hard. All this causes is rolled eyes, frustration, sadness, grief and disappointment, while wasting money and your precious time. If that is all you can afford, then by all means, go for it - after all, its the being creative that is important, but it is best to have a few quality items to use than a whole bunch of useless cheap stuff that doesn't work!

I'm here to help anytime, happily answering questions about techniques and products (even if I don't sell it). If I can't find something for you, I'll do my best to find someone who can.

While shopping online is convenient and quick, we lose the chance to see and touch products before we buy them. For this reason, I write long essays in descriptions and often include a sample of something inside the Thank You card with every order. The card also has a brief description of what you've been sent. Everything is better shared, especially Art :) 

So buy from me if you want awesome arty treasures of a high quality, the latest designs available (almost) as soon they're released, up-to-date information, fast delivery, fabulous communication and exceptional customer service. Service with a Smile, always :)

Who am I?

I am Jenny James, a proudly South Australian artist and designer who is a trustworthy and honest person. I have been working in the art, design and print industries for over 30 years. My beautiful shop of treasures has been successfully selling art and craft supplies (mixed media, painting, drawing, colouring, papercrafts, stamping, scrapbooking, planners and more) throughout all of Australia and New Zealand for over 9 years! So grateful to everyone for choosing my shop, supporting me all this time :)

If you have any questions or feedback, please phone or message me on 0428 898 120 (Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm, South Australian time). If I don't answer the phone straight away, its probably on mute or I've ducked out to chat to our chooks! If this happens, either leave a message or send a text or wait for me to ring you back during business hours.

More details can be found on the "About Me" aka "The Girl Behind the Art" webpage or check out Facebook or Instagram.

All feedback is appreciated - positive or otherwise. If you are happy with my service and products, I would really appreciate if you would recommend me to your family, friends, colleagues, mates at the bus stop and all you pass on the street. Thank you!

Refunds, Policies, Statements, Terms and Conditions

For art and craft supplies, always contact me if there is a problem, breakage, wrong colour, change or mind or anything else amiss with your order. 

Due to the nature of graphic design, illustration and publishing services and solutions, full refunds are only given if I have not started working on your design or book. If any digital work has started, then you will receive up to 80% of the purchase price.

If you wish to cancel a painting, handmade cards, set of invitations or other artwork after it has been started, then 50% of the purchase price will be forfeited to pay for time, supplies and materials. You will not receive any files or product with any refund from this service.

Refunds and Exchanges ... Read the Refund and Exchange Policy page for further details.
Privacy Policy ... Read the Privacy Statement page for further details about privacy. I take privacy seriously (as should anyone) and all information is kept safe and secure. If at anytime you wish to view or delete whatever details I have (from you ordering or creating an account), let me know.

This page was last updated on 11th May 2024.

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