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New Treasures for collecting, admiring and using in arts and crafts!

To keep informed and up to date, check out the shop's blog "Arty News", or get in contact for potential arrival dates, groovy new treasures and other important (and exciting) information.

Looking for the newly announced treasures? Every few months, our favourite designers release new products and ideas. The latest announcements are nearly all instore now :) Everything that's creepy and cute is here, including pumkinheads, witches, haunted houses, bones and monsters. Plus the long awaited stencils by Darkroom Door are here too!

Choose your favourite products from the dropdown menu. Can't find your favourites, have questions or need help? Click the big green button, phone or send a message :)

Don't forget if you spend AU$180 or more, your order will travel to you using the super fast Express Post (Australia wide) for FREE.