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New Arty Treasures for collecting, sharing and using for creativity, arts and crafts!

This category is where all the brand new designs and products are placed when they first arrive in Australia at our 'Art by Jenny' online shop.

Arty Crafty Blogs ... the Latest Arty News Blog Post has been updated on 11th April 2024. Our Creative Space (craft blog of free tutorials) has the tutorial with easy steps to create a neon rainbow flower girl and Snarky Cat page using Dina's Transparencies and other favourite arty treasures.

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Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions News ... NEW! Arty Dylusions Life's Essentials! The announcement is tonight, so on Thursday I'll upload everything that is on the way across to us, landing in 2-3 weeks - Watch this PreOrder collection for updates :) So exciting!
... will make a 'Love it All' bundle for some of the items ... I'll explain later!
- click here to visit the Dyan Reaveley Dylusions category  :)

Tim Holtz News ...
Mr Rabbit - Awesome news! The bunnies have well and truly made themselves at home and why not, they're such friendly rascals! Perfect for UnBirthdays, Christmas bunny cards and every day fun. Find Tim's Mr Rabbit stamp set in the What's New! shelf as well as everywhere else you'd expect a bunny to hide in an art shop.

NEW! Tim Holtz Stamps and Stencils - Tim has dreamed up wonderful original designs with Stampers Anonymous - patterns, shapes, alphabets, gorgeous crochet trimmings, beautiful flowers, a moustache, giant numbers and so much more. Watch their spaces in the PreOrder category or buy in advance, whichever you wish. Delivery is destined to be in 4-6 days, around 23rd-24th April - or earlier if we're lucky.

A PreOrder bundle for Tim's Stamps and Stencils is available for a limited time - saving you time from adding each one of the 17 awesome new favourites to the cart. Plus you'll receive FREE Express Postage Australia Wide.

Tim's Tiny Blending Tool Refill Foams : Yay! Lots in stock now so we can all use the groovy Tiny Tools with all our colours without washing the foams every time!

Brand new arty treasures found along the way ... Sharpie Creative Markers (paint pens that do not need priming and are permanent on most surfaces) and Paper Mate Gel Pens (opaque gel pens, including white).
- Click here to see all our markers, pencils and pens -

Dina Wakley MEdia News ... How gorgeous are the ultra bright neon colours? Available in watercolour crayons aka Scribble Sticks as well as acrylic paint and fluid paint - and ready for you to buy, use, share and enjoy :) Happy Arty Days!
click here to visit the Dina Wakley MEdia category :)

Thank you so much for shopping with Art by Jenny!


Did you know? ... we have a fabulous collection which has everything all in one place. Simply use the filter drop down menu to have a wander.  Click here to see all the arty treasures at once. ^_*

Remember ... there are no mistakes in art so take a breath and dive in. Enjoy every creative moment as you smoosh, splash, stamp and colour!