About Jenny ... The Girl Behind the Art

Me Myself and I Hi, I am Jenny James, an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, publisher, web developer and art 'n' craft addict. I can be found in a few virtual playgrounds including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Redbubble... any time you see my Georgiegirl the Cow (with or without the purple background), you have found me. Don't forget to say hello :)

The photo is a year old and my hair is now long and straight... but its still that gorgeous purple! When the purple runs out I think I'll try the turquoise and teal hair dyes :) Those mermaid style hairdos look amazing!

I'm a Mum of a beautiful son who has grown into an amazing young man. Its hard to believe sometimes that he's an adult now - but its most useful to have someone so tall around (I'm a little bit short).

In my spare time I like to paint, draw, colour, create cards, make ATCs (artist trading cards), embroider and crochet. Time goes so very fast so I don't always find time to do everything but a girl has to dream!

So you can see, my whole world is immersed in Art - creating, sharing, selling and seeing it all around, everywhere I go.

Art is incredible - it heals the mind, soothes the soul, whispers sweet nothings to the heart and helps make us all Happy. And its so much fun to do too! You may have guessed that I love art... only a little bit though! lol :)

To keep up to date with my groovy arty life, share news and see shop updates, visit the Art by Jenny Facebook Page or my blogs - A Life Less Ordinary and the Shop Blog. For my design portfolio at www.artbyjenny.com.au - its a tad out of date but all my own work including the actual website. Its on the to-do list to update! Want to buy unique gifts like phone cases, tshirts or mugs? Have a wander through my Redbubble shop and gallery at www.redbubble.com/people/georgiegirl.

Georgiegirl the Cow

I love to share techniques, inspiration and ideas with others and so does my Mum, June (she's amazing! June can paint something so it looks just like the real thing). We're both available if you want a quick lesson or full day workshop. Choose any subject, theme, style and day - painting, collage and mixed media, art journaling, drawing, colouring techniques, paper making, stamps and stencils, Gelli printing, papermache, making journals, cardmaking, stamping, paper flowers and dolls, papercrafts of all sorts, stencil cutting, stamp carving, crochet, knitting, embroidery, sewing - and anything else you find that you'd love to learn and create. 

I carry my sketchbook, pencils, watercolours, camera and a colouring book (just about) everywhere I go... you never know when you'll find 5 minutes to paint, draw or colour :)

Being creative gives a lot of pleasure to both the artist and whoever views the artwork. Holly Hobbie would have a simpler way of saying it - "Happiness is art!". One of my favourite stamps says "Keep Calm, Smile and Create Beautiful Things!"... it always makes me smile :)

For more information about classes or commission artworks... phone Jenny on 0428 898 120 or click the 'say hello' link above.

Life Before 'Art by Jenny'...

I'm a professional artist and graphic designer. A useful background to have while having an online art shop. Not only do I seem to have all this information in my head that spills out whenever its needed, but its enabled me to create my own online shop and keep it updated with original artwork (some mine, some from other artists). I'm very grateful to have the skills to do it all myself :)

I've been drawing, colouring and painting since I was really little (Mum says I was 2 years old when I started colouring inside the lines) ... so for a very long time! My parents taught me embroidery, knitting and crochet as a child as well. Knitting I'm not a big fan of because I keep creating holes where there shouldn't be holes, but I absolutely love embroidery and crochet. So nutty about art and my other loves that I used to take my colouring, a book to read and cross stitch with me whenever I went camping with the Rovers (scouts).

While these next "few" paragraphs sound more like a resume, I think its important to know who is behind the virtual shop front selling you treasures and peddling her wares!

I started my working life at The Advertiser Newspaper in Adelaide then worked for graphic design agencies, a well loved scrapbook shop, embroidery shop and craft book publisher plus I've been lucky enough to attract a variety of wonderful clients needing my design and IT skills, including local primary schools (creating and updating their websites, signage and stationery).

My experience and training has included a wide variety of things I'd love to have more time to do - more painting and drawing (traditional and digital), photography (I love macro), creative story writing, storyboarding, animating (digital) and clay modelling.

I have a Diploma of Multimedia (with credits and distinctions in 2008), a Graphic Design and Printing Trade Certificate (from an apprenticeship many moons ago) and over 25 years experience in the graphic design and printing industry.

These days I tend to only use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I also use Dreamweaver when I work with websites and in the past I've had a bit of experience with Adobe Flash, Corel Painter, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Inkscape, Gimp, Adobe Premiere, Soundbooth and After Effects. Not alot, but enough to show me the basics. Digital Art is just as much fun as traditional art - I love it all :)

Now you've reached the bottom of this webpage, thanks so much for reading all of this! I hope it made you smile :)

If you're in Facebook, Instagram, Redbubble, Google+, Pinterest, Blogs and even in the real world, don't be shy! Smile and wave, say hello, show off your latest creation :) I love to see everyone's artwork!

Have a Happy Creative Day!