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The Art by Jenny Shop is a curated (carefully picked) collection of art and craft supplies, chosen because of their outstanding qualities and performance. This collection named "A Few of My Favourite Treasures" is an ever changing range of inspiration, fabulous treasures and arty ideas! I hope it inspires you to make time to be creative every day. 

I also use this collection to highlight the arrival of those treasures we've been waiting forever for - to let you know they're here! Subtle but time saving for both of us :)

The easiest way to find something on any shelf (category) in the Art by Jenny shop is to use the drop down menus to filter the tags, sort the direction or choose a theme, or pop a word into the search bar. Can't find what you need? I'm always happy to help :) 

Looking to see what else has been added to our shelves? ... We often buy in arty treasures that aren't brand new designs (only those that are useful or beautiful) and sometimes find older treasures by Tim too, so simply must have them! Want to see what I found? Click here to see everything that has arrived inStore recently .

For free tutorials and techniques on how to use your treasures (aka art and craft supplies), visit my craft blog where I create A Life Less Ordinary through creativity and art. My blog includes easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, large photos and lists of treasures used to complete each project. I hope it inspires you to have a go, it really is alot of fun using our treasures as well as collecting them :) Enjoy!