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Sharpie Creative Markers - Bullet Tip - Black and White - 2 Paint Pens

Sharpie Creative Markers - Bullet Tip - Black and White - 2 Paint Pens

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Sharpie Creative Markers - Bullet Tip ... 2 (two) acrylic paint pens, black and white (one of each). Line width is approx 1.5mm to 2.5mm wide, depending on pressure applied.

Sharpie Creative Markers are waterbased acrylic paint pens which do not need priming and work on all surfaces, drying to a permanent, water resistant, fade resistant, opaque and matte finish. Does not bleed through paper and works on both light and dark surfaces. Obviously, the white may not show on all light surfaces, just as the black may not show on all dark surfaces!

Boldly marks on paper, cardstock, metal, wood, ceramic, glass, rock, stone, canvas, fabric, plastic, acetate, cellophane, vellum, Yupo and other crafty surfaces.

Each Sharpie Creative Marker or as I've come to call them, non-priming paint pens, has a firm bullet tip, ideal for writing, drawing, doodling, colouring, mark making. 

The paint pens layer over each other without blending or removing the colour below - however, being waterbased (if you are quick), you could blend the colours with water (on some surfaces) using a wet paint brush before the marks on your surface have dried. 

Always test on a scrap or patch first to ensure it dries as you need it to... for example, if using fabric and you want the material to be washable ... this hasn't been tested, yet! If you try it before I do, please let me know how you got on!

This packet contains 2 (two) bullet tip Sharpies, one black, one white, each 145mm long with the lid on. 

For best results - store horizontally with cap on when not in use. 

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