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Arty Update for November featuring Pink Ink Designs and Dylusions Dyalogs

The Bug Orchestra from Pink Ink Designs' Wee Folk Collection has flown in to Art by Jenny! And they're just as gorgeous in real life as they are in tiny images seen online. Dyan Reaveley's NEW Dylusions Dyalog (small journals, notebooks, planners) are in stock! Dina Wakley's latest designs are finally here and Tim's Mini Trimmer has arrived early! Awesome! Check your wishlists to see if your faves have been restocked :)

Read further to find other exciting news with pictures - new arrivals, updates and inspirational examples from my world of Art by Jenny. Hope it is helpful, inspiring and makes you smile :) Happy Arty Days!

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November Notes 2021

art tag made by Zoe Hillman for Tim Holtz

Remember this marvellous creation made by Zoe Hillman for Tim Holtz? I love it!

Zoe's used the gorgeous new purple Distress treasures "Villainous Potion" with Tim's Sizzix Toil and Trouble Thinlits set. While made for Halloween, it would be perfect for a birthday card with "i brewed or baked you a cake" or something 🤣 Why not! lol

Incidently, I've almost caught up with packing PreOrders for Villainous Potion (thank you 💚 everyone) so can finally say publically that we have it in the shop! The fun witches are in stock too :D Next to pack are Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Couture Stamps which look awesome, and then the Idea-Ology Christmas treasures... And (bwtm) Tim's Christmas stamps are on their way over! So they'll be next 😆 Most of your Idea-Ology Halloween treasures are posted now. Waiting for more Window Frames but they can't be too far away 👻

Dyan Reaveley's new Dyalogs should be here around the 16th to 20th November ... love the new spotty rainbow cover "Pride", so colourful and positive!

I was going to email you all last night (3rd Nov) ... and prob should still do so considering not everyone reads this shop blog or is on Insta or FB. We'll get there... time Is on My side!

Thanks so much for waiting with me for all of Tim and Dyan's treasures! I'm so grateful :) 

Have a Happy Creative Arty Crafty Day!


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Arty Crafty Update - Friday the 29th - Dyalogs and Other Arty News

Dyan News ...  Dyalogs! A new cover and 4 new inserts (or stand alone notebooks, journals, sketch pads, diary). The Dyalog planner system is so versatile, it can be use for more than crossing off to don't lists! Hopefully arriving soon. Don't have a date yet, won't be long though. Look how fast these wonderful new Couture Stamps were shipped - landing this week! Everything with Dyan Reaveley's awesome Dylusions range works beautifully with all our other favourite arty treasures for hours of fun for everyone! Read on for more news and updates ...
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Arty Crafty Happy News for October 2021

No pics today, I'm all words...! Thank you for visiting and shopping with the 'Art by Jenny' arty treasure shop. Hope you're enjoying this week by making, stamping, sculpting, creating whatever makes you smile!

If you're new to my shop and keep wondering why I call everything "arty treasures", its simple - not all treasure is silver and gold, well, unless its silver or gold paint, ink, glitter or leaf :) Art supplies and craft materials are all treasures to me. Some are my precious and others are my favourites, oh the things we can do and the places we can dream up! All with art :) Love it.

FREE Mixed Media Tutorials ... Art and creativity is so good for our mental heath, so don't wait for time to appear for craft, make time!
- On the blog, I've included before and after photos, so you can see how the page was put together. Pop over to my craft blog and check it out. I hope it inspires you to have a go. I hope to be encouraging everyone to create a life less ordinary through art, and all with easy to follow, step by step tutorials with large clear photos and loads of information.
- If there's a particular technique you're searching for or you need a hand, I'm always here to help.  Click here for FREE tutorials. Each picture in the gallery is a link to its tutorial :)

Inspiration at your Fingertips ... Save these bookmarks for next time or have a wander through the shelves while you wait for your order to arrive. Sometimes just wandering (or wondering) around a collection can give ideas for your next masterpiece. Here are a few quick links to show the way...
- Click here for all the Tim Holtz Treasures ... stamps, stencils, mediums, papers, all kinds of creativity! Fresh boxes of treasure arriving every week!
- Click here for Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley collections ... vibrant colours, bold designs, perfect for making art every day! Create a life in full colour with Dyan :)
- Click this link for all Darkroom Door designs ... a home grown favourite! Beautiful and versatile stamps and stencils for cardmaking, journaling and scrapbooking, all occasions :)
- Click here for Pink Ink Designs ... collection of furry friends, fairies and flying adorables aka Thistlehogs :)

Darkroom Door ... amazing new Stamps arrived! Love the sets and the Small labels will be so handy :) Will get them online asap! Newest treasures from this wonderful Aussie brand includes Stencils, Masks and beautiful Postcards. You'll find them all here as well as on the Darkroom Door shelf.
We have a huge selection of Darkroom Door arty treasures, waiting for you to discover, buy, share and enjoy!

Pink Ink Designs ... have created the most adorable new sets of stamps for us to use however we wish - cards, journal pages, scrapbooking, embroidery, quilts, tshirts, anything. We have 5 new sets of stamping friends for you - Squirrels, Fox, Bunny, Otter and Badger.
... Soon we'll have an orchestra of bug musicians including a ladybug playing a cello! Arriving late Oct or November :)

NEW! Dylusions Stencils ... Dylusions stencils have arrived! Dyan Reaveley has released 11 (eleven) new stencils for us to use in our journals, cards and artworks. Designs include the Grandkids (minis of Edith and Otis), Behave (variety of hexies), Tropics (the gorgeous flowery one), Blocking (multiple boxes) and more! All versatile and work beautifully with all our other favourite arty treasures :)

Tim Holtz News  ... Tim has released new stamps, stencils, die cutting templates, colours, arty treasures in themes for Christmas and the festive season. Check them out on his YouTube channel and website! 
... More awesome arty goodness from Ranger, Sizzix, Idea-Ology and Stampers Anonymous - All are either on their way or waiting for more to be made :)
... If you haven't heard, all Halloween Idea-Ology has been delayed but we're still is hopeful for an October delivery. While most of the PreOrders are sold out, we might still have plenty left after fulfilling orders and items like Bubbles, Window Frames and Mummy Wrap have been reordered so hopefully we'll get more. The beautiful little Lanterns have been re-released in the Christmas Idea-Ology collection as well, so we'll definitely all be able to have those to use this year! Watch their spaces for details.
... Christmas : Tim's Sizzix has some left on the shelf with more on the "watch this space" list as we have to wait for Sizzix to make some more. Christmas stamps, stencils and Idea-Ology are estimated to be here by November.
... Plus a new Distress colour is being released around the 16th October, yes we'll have it all, arriving here very soon after Tim's showcase!

NEW! Village Collection - Hoping for delivery of the Village Set as well as 3 Mini Embossing Folders within a few weeks, so you to can create incredible miniature houses like those we saw in Tim's latest video, on Instagram and in the FB Tim Addicts group. 🤩

Sizzix Update ... the Snowflake Impresslits and Arches 3D Embossing Folder,  Impresslit Butterflies, Perspective Butterfly, Matchbox Bigz, Potted 2 Bigz, Candlelight and Leaf Fragments and a few others - are delayed, still, but hopefully they'll be here in November. Add them to your wishlist to watch the spaces, or contact me for further details.

Still to add to the online shop...
... as if I'm not slow enough at keeping up, Tim happened! lol :) But he's awesome and his designs, teachings, videos, mind and masterpieces are also awesome (as is Mario, he's awesome too)... awesome is clearly the word of the day! Anyway, I will get back to uploading everyone else's awesome old and new products very soon! Thanks for your patience :)
- Pink Ink Designs Stamps and Stencils ... check out their fun creative collection of stamps and stencils here!
- Dina Wakley MEdia stamps and stencils ... getting there! Here's Dina's shelf :)
- Stamperia Alice in Wonderland papers and essentials (including "Alice's Through the Looking Glass"). I've made progress and created a collection for all of these wonderful wonderland wonders! Check it out and watch the collection grow! Just like Alice in her adventures, this collection with grow and shrink ^_*

If you can't see what you're looking for inStore, ask anytime! It might just be on my to-do list (my desk) waiting for me to get online so you can see them. They breed you know, when I'm not looking! lol :)

Looking to see what has just been added to our shelves?
Sometimes when I'm wandering around, I discover other arty treasures that are perfect companions to all our Tim and Dyan essentials. Some aren't that new to the crafting world, but they're new to my shop!  Click here to see the New Arrivals ^_*

Need your order wrapped for Un-Birthdays, Easter, Christmas or Valentine's? Ask and it will be done!

While you wait ... why not take over the dining table and make some more art? You know its good for you, just like spinach and apples except of course you don't eat art supplies! lol :) Have fun!

Don't forget ... there are no mistakes in art so simply enjoy every creative moment as you splash paint and ink around!

Thanks so much for either scrolling down to the end and or reading my essay. I hope you found it useful and informative :) Maybe a tad repetitive. Haven't had my second coffee yet...! lol ;p

Stay safe, remember to breathe, keep smiling and have a creative Happy week!

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Arty News for September 2021 - Making Art Makes Smiles

Arty News for September 2021 - Making Art Makes Smiles

Darkroom Door ... amazing new Stamps are on their way! I will get them all, as well as Tim's Christmas stamps and stencil sets, online this Wednesday! 

NEW! Dylusions Stencils - most exciting arty news from Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley is that we're getting 11 stencils! And even more exciting, is that they're already on their way to Australia :) Due to land in a couple of days!

What's Next with Tim? Christmas in September ... Tim is releasing new stamps, stencils, die cutting templates, colours, arty treasures in themes for Christmas and the festive season, every weekend on his YouTube channel and website! So much awesome arty goodness from Ranger, Sizzix, Idea-Ology and Stampers Anonymous :) 

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