Mona Lisa Metal Leaf - Adhesive Size - 59ml Jar

Speedball Art Products


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Adhesive Size - by Mona Lisa Metal Leaf and Speedball Art Products. 2 fl oz jar (59ml).

The Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Adhesive Size is an outstanding glue that is designed for metal leaf techniques - and will also work with other materials such as sand and glitter. It is a waterbased, slow-drying and will stay tacky for up to 24 hours after application. Working time may vary depending upon your climate.

Use this fluid consistency Adhesive Size for adding metal leaf to arts and crafts, decoupage, papercrafts, mixed media, scrapbooking, home decor, framing and other visual arts. Anywhere you wish to add a touch of metallic leaf.

Using Adhesive Size ...
- Use a paintbrush or dip pen to apply thin even coats of adhesive size onto your surface. Try not to leave puddles.
- Let the adhesive size rest for 30 minutes or until clear.
- The glue remains tacky for up to 24 hours (it might be faster if you're in a very warm climate).
- Wash brushes and tools in soap and water before the glue dries!
- Use with Simple Leaf, composition leaf, genuine leaf and leaf flakes, sand, glitter, mica flakes and other fine particle embellishments.

Contents ...
- 1 (one) jar of adhesive size, regular fluid consistency.
... 2 fl oz or 59ml
... jar is 38mm x 70mm high with a screwtop lid.