Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Glaze - Any 1 Colour - NEW!

Tim Holtz - Distress


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Distress Embossing Glaze - Choose any 1 (one) colour ... by Tim Holtz and Ranger - an embossing powder that when melted, has a see-through raised shiny finish with a beautiful tint of colour with a finish similar to that of enamel. 

Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Glaze is a powder that once melted with a heat tool, creates a wonderful tinted semi translucent and slightly textured glazing effect (like a varnish with tint of colour). Use to add colourful dimension and shine to your projects!

For details of which colours are in stock, scroll down for the list or contact me.

Uncharted Mariner, a beautiful moody ocean blue, a dark turquoise - the newest Distress colour in the range, available in all our favourite essentials (sold separately and as a bundle). It was announced on Saturday 18th June 2022 --- and is In Stock!

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How to Order ...
Don't forget to send me a message with or after you order with your colour choices.
 Copy and paste from the list (scroll down) to save typing.
Choosing colours this way saves so much time, rather than wander about a website looking for each one, you have them here all in one place so you can see at a glance what is in stock.

Choose from all these gorgeous Distress colours ...
- Candied Apple (bright red)
- Picked Raspberry (ripe dark pink)
- Wild Honey (golden dark yellow)
- Salty Ocean (bright light blue)
- Twisted Citron (lime green)
- Wilted Violet (vibrant purple)
- Speckled Egg (shabby vintage pale blue)
- Crackling Campfire (dark fiery orange)
- Rustic Wilderness (deep green)
- Kitsch Flamingo (pretty pink)
- Salvaged Patina (greeny-bluey-green)
- Prize Ribbon (beautiful mid blue)
- Villainous Potion (dark purple)
- Saltwater Taffy (light peachy pink)
- Uncharted Mariner (dark turquoise) - NEW!
- Tattered Rose (pale pink peach base)
- Fossilized Amber (earthy yellow, ochre)
- Antique Linen (pale cream, off-white)
- Hickory Smoke (warm, mid grey)
- Peeled Paint (earthy green)
- Cracked Pistachio (fresh blue-green)
- Broken China (light pretty blue)
- Weathered Wood (light rustic grey-blue)
- Fired Brick (rustic red)
- Rusty Hinge (red brown)
- Vintage Photo (sepia mid brown)
- Walnut Stain (dark brown)

If you need a printed colour chart, let me know and I'll pop one in your order or download your own here. List of colours is below. I'm here to help if you need a hand :) Jenny.  

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How to use Distress Embossing Glaze ...
Ideal for embossing lettering, stamped images, stenciled areas, abstract art, cardmaking, mixed media, collage, visual arts of any kind! Mix and match with other Distress inks, paints and stains for an unlimited colour palette.

Its best to use an embossing powder with a slow drying ink, paint, adhesive or medium - and one that won't react to being heated (as some may bubble up if heated, always check the medium's instructions or test first).
If your medium is fast drying, you won't have time to apply the powder before it dries. The ink or medium holds the powder in place until it is heat set.

The clear jar allows for ease of dipping, pouring or sprinkling, whichever you prefer to do. The 1.5" wide opening makes it easier to pour the excess back into the jar.

How to apply Embossing Glaze ...
- For static free embossing, dust over your dry surface with an Anti-Static Pouch before you begin.
- Apply Distress Embossing Ink to your stamp and press to print. You can also use Oxide Inks, clear or grey embossing ink, acrylic or Distress paint, texture pastes, or collage medium. Use with stamps, stencils or freehand.
- Before your ink, paint or medium is dry, sprinkle or pour on the embossing powder.
- Shake or tap off excess powder onto a prefolded sheet of dry paper to pour back into the jar.
- Use a heat tool to melt the Embossing Glaze Powder into a colourful translucent glaze.
- Leave to cool (only takes a minute).

Acid free and non-toxic.

This product price is for 1 (one) Distress Embossing Glaze in the colour of your choice. 
Each jar is approx 1 7/16" (40mm) wide, 1 5/8" (41mm) high with a metal lid. Holds .49 oz (14g).

The images are a representation of each colour and different devices may alter their appearance.