April 2024 Product Releases and News

April Arty Adventures

I hope you had a marvellous Easter (the other day!) and enjoyed time with loved ones as well as made time for creating art for mental health ... crafting and arting has got to be my favourite way to unwind and soothe my frazzled brain. Some days it's easier to defragg than others, but that's life isn't it?

I've added a new tutorial to our a crafty blog, Creative Art Space, with the rainbow neon flower girl I made over Easter --- it was a pretty luxurious weekend with time in the studio making something all four days. Was awesome and I appreciate every second, even those moments when I messed up butterfly wings (samples made using Dyamonds Dusts) and scratched off paint to see if I could. As you do :)

Art journal page by Jenny using Dina Wakley MEdia neon scribble sticks and transparencies.

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Our Creative Space has a growing collection of arty tutorials, inspiration and handy tips of projects I've made over the years. I've gathered some of my favourites from from my Blogger blog, A Life Less Ordinary, creating a life less ordinary through arts and crafts.

Arty Treasure News ...

We've started off April with Tim ... who else? lol :) I'll update this blog post throughout April so I don't clog up the PreOrder and What's New categories with all this excitable news... latest edit is today, 11th April 2024.

Tim's next live on Tim TV ... Saturday, April 13th at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK on YouTube LIVE for inspiration + makes! Tim's videos are recorded each time, and his clever team create markers, chapters, in the video footage to give quick access to key moments.

NEW! Tim Holtz Stamps and Stencils - Tim has dreamed up wonderful original designs with Stampers Anonymous - patterns, shapes, alphabets, gorgeous crochet trimmings, beautiful flowers, a moustache, giant numbers and so much more. Watch their spaces in the PreOrder category or buy in advance, whichever you wish. Delivery is destined to be around 23rd to 24th April - and the exciting showcase is this weekend on Tim TV :)

Tim Holtz and Stampers Anonymous April 2024 release of cling rubber stamps and art stencils

Sizzix 15 year anniversary 'From the Vault' Thinlits ... Series 2 of re-imagined designs from the past were here - Pocket Watch, Matchbox, Boutique, World Travel and Picture Show. More on the way, one day!

Tim Holtz Sizzix From the Vault Thinlits released April 2024

Vault Update - 11th April 2024 ... and now we have to wait ... at least it's only until Sizzix can make some more and then hopefully they will be back inStore during April but might be May. Delivery depends upon how many Sizzix have made, any delays in shipping and where my order is in the waiting queue. Watch this space... as soon as I know I can buy more for sure, then you will be able to as well. Thank you to you all for your patience and for shopping with Art by Jenny :) 

Speaking of popular designs, those gorgeous birds from Series 1 are still on my wait list, but July is such a long way away, I sent them off to hibernate for a while. If we can get more, I will wake them up :)

We only have a few left of the other series 1 sets too - Hippity Hop (bunnies and an alphabet), Scribbly Butterflies (2 large beauties), Pillow Box and Rosettes (and we have an abundance of Idea-Ology Collage Strips too, because, well, Tim.

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photograph from Tim TV showing Tim Holtz holding a rosette made using Idea-Ology Collage Strips and Thinlits Rosette Dies
Above photograph is from the Easter Ideas 2024 on Tim TV, showing rosettes made by Tim Holtz using Idea-Ology Collage Strips and Thinlits Rosette Dies.


As you can see in the screenshot above from the Spring 2024 Ideas Special at Tim TV at YouTube (or Tim's website at www.timholtz.com), Tim has shown us how to make gloriously crafty rosettes easily with paper sized perfectly for the rosette Thinlits - 3 sheets per rosette.

You can also use Backdrops, Kraft Stock, all kinds of preprinted scrapbook paper, gel printed paper, stamped or stenciled or painted paper. What to do with the rosettes after you've had an incredible time making them? Pop on cards, journal pages, use as spinners, stick on a button and give to a friend - or - use shrink plastic to make a Mr Rabbit button and give to a friend for an UnBirthday.

Shrink plastic is great for all kinds of stamps to make charms, earrings, buttons, brooches, trinkets and embellishments ... stamp, colour, let dry, punch a hole if needed, and then shrink with the Ranger Heat-It Tool. If you cannot find your stash in the craft cupboard, we can easily order some for you.

Distress 20 year anniversary ... Tim and Ranger have heaps of amazing new products, designs, ideas and inspiration planned :) We now have a complete rainbow of Distress with the recent addition of Scorched Timber, with most colours available in all our favourite essentials plus the wonderful woodless watercolour pencils! Love Distress, it goes so beautifully with Dylusions and Dina Wakley's paints and sprays.

Tim's Tiny Blending Tool Refill Foams : Yay! Now we can soon use the Tiny Tools with all our colours without washing them every time! These refill packs have landed and are easily found in the Tools category as well as Tim's Everything All In One Place shelf and the What's New category for a little while. 

overview of Sharpie Creative Paint Pens and Paper Mate Brights Gel Pens with a link to the markers category

I found a few brand new arty treasures while wandering around my wholesaler without blinkers on (I'm always on the lookout for essentials that will work with our other favourites) ... Sharpie Creative Markers (paint pens that do not need priming and are permanent on most surfaces including Dina's Transparencies and Tim's Dura-Lar) and Paper Mate Bright Gel Pens (opaque gel pens, including white).
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Ultra Bright Neon Colours - Dina Wakley MEdia and Ranger's Scribble Sticks are versatile, high quality pigments in the shape of a crayon, which sketch like hard pastels and are water-soluble like watercolour pencils. Use these gorgeous colours of scribble sticks to create watercolour backgrounds,  create bold, layered designs, doodles, making paint with water pages, colouring in, and making painterly marks everywhere.

Dina Wakley MEdia News ... How gorgeous are these ultra bright neon colours? Now available as watercolour pastels aka Scribble Sticks! They are inStore too :) Happy Arty Days!
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Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions News ... we have it all :D Amazing stamps, beautiful shimmery pretties and much more for you to buy, collect, share and Use to create art which as you know, makes more smiles and warms hearts. 
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Some of the paint brushes I chatted about in the March blog have arrived - really like the handles of the Princeton Velvetouch and the lovely set of Willow Wolfe I bought with the dodo brush is really versatile so have decided to just get that set in - I mean, "dodo" brush ... how could I resist? Plus it has a bunny on the front, seemed to go with Mr Rabbit somehow :) lol I'll get them online once I've packed all these Mr Rabbits, Neon Crayons and other arty treasures into parcels so their new owners can actually use them rather than sit twiddling their thumbs waiting for their arrival. So grateful you've all chosen my shop! Thank you :)

Thank you so much for reading my news! Have a Happy creative day!


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Remember ... there are no mistakes in art so take a breath and dive in. Enjoy every creative moment as you smoosh, splash, stamp and colour!