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Covid News 2021 - Arty Updates from Jenny

SA Updates

... 22nd July 2021 Arty Update ...

Usually your arty treasures would travel with Australia Post within 1-3 days of ordering (see FAQ page for details) but we've been a bit slow this week because instead of working all weekend, I had Sunday off and created a card using the Tim Holtz Sizzix "Rupert" Colorize Thinlits die cutting set. I'm sure you'll agree that seeing the grin on my son Zac's face when he met this dragon is worth any amount of working through the nights to catch up!

Now we have a 7 day lockdown in SA, but thankfully the posties and couriers are still working too, so you will receive your treasures as soon as everyone can 🐲 Thanks for your patience!

To make this dragon card, I've also used various scrapbook papers and added texture with Tim's Sizzix Circuit embossing folder (I blended around a bit of Black Soot Archival Ink too). Idea-Ology treasures used were star fasteners (split pins), Hardware Heads, Type Chips, Stencil Card (the 23, painted in Dylusions Shimmer paint, Black Marble) over purple metallic Kraft Confections, an Entomology beetle (applied clear gesso then painted on Dylusions Shimmer spray, Balmy Night), all glued down with Distress Collage Gel (matte medium).

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. If your order is urgent, please simply let me know. We're caught up now, so she'll be right from now on. Stay safe, keep smiling and have a Happy creative day!

card created using Tim Holtz Thinlits Colorize die cutting pattern, Rupert the dragon

... April 2021 Arty Update ...

It's been a whirlwind start to 2021 and now its April and we're planning for Winter! Don't ask where Summer went, but I remember it was very warm with hot north winds and a splash of rain. I wrote down when it rained as it doesn't happen often in SA :)

Lately, we've been gardening (keeping up with the fast growing grass (cos we had more rain last week then sunshine! awesome!), tidying up trees, planting spinach, peas, beans, sweet peas and other veg, encouraging wildlife (birds, butterflies and bees) and of course, looking after our beautiful 3 chooks (chickens).

All of us at Art by Jenny are just so grateful to be in South Australia. We are safe from floods, fires and Covid, the weather is kind, we have a peaceful nation and fresh boxes of more arty treasures every single week! We feel very lucky indeed.

I feel for those in the rest of the world, how scary is it still for so many to be surrounded by so many sick and not know if and when the vaccine will be given and how well it will work. 

Here in South Australia, we are remembering to keep social distancing, being mindful of others, wearing masks if it makes us feel safer or are sick, and signing in with the easy to use SA Gov app everywhere we go. Mostly, its life as normal but at a slower pace than before covid.

Hope you can get time off this weekend to do whatever makes you smile. In other words, I hope you have a relaxing, crafty, wonderfully arty and Happy Easter weekend!

Stay safe, be crafty and smile!

... Thurs 7nd Jan 2021 ...

Happy New Year! Hope you're still safe and keeping well, enjoyed Christmas, made time for being creative often and are finding joy in all the little things :)

In Australia we're still getting new cases of covid but not many, and none are anywhere near us in the south of Adelaide, South Australia. Thank goodness! We just have to keep social distancing and being mindful of others, wearing masks if it makes us feel safer or are sick, signing in with the easy to use SA Gov app everywhere we go.

Being Summer, everyone in Australia is now on high alert for bushfires, some battling them already and we haven't even had many 40+C days yet! Sadly, dry land doesn't need hot weather so I'm always hoping for more rain (but not so much we get floods!) - I get so excited when it does rain - not only does it help the land and wildlife, but puddles are fun for splashing and floating paper boats - and it smells amazing!

So wherever you are, stay safe, keep smiling and have a happy arty crafty creative day!

... Wed 2nd Dec 2020 ...

Quick update :) Wherever you are, I hope you're keeping safe and well. We at Art by Jenny are safe and well, no nasty covid germs on us! We're very lucky :)

Today I posted the last of the PreOrders for the beautiful new Distress, Rustic Wilderness and new Distress Crayons Trio ( Speckled Egg, Crackling Campfire and Rustic) - and can happily let you know we've a few left. There's even still time to get this  gorgeous green to you before (or for) Christmas if you order before the 12th December 2020.

I read that Australia Post are estimating deliveries throughout this month to be even busier than they have been all year so if you need anything before 25th Dec, then get organised before the 12th. Thankfully, if you run out of daylight, Express Post still an option as even if its not guaranteed next day delivery anymore, its still faster.

We're back to posting within 1-3 days of you ordering, as fast as I can. Deliveries with restocks have been thick and fast too... lots of treasures inStore to choose from. Enjoy your wander and have a wonderful arty Happy day!

... Tues 24th Nov 2020 ...

I'm almost caught up with packing all your orders from last week! Thank you ever so much for your wonderful messages and patience :) One day all this horrible Covid stuff will be behind us, everyone on our planet will be healed and we will have long lasting world peace. We must dream big!

Stay safe, keep crafty and have a Happy creative day!

... Friday 20th Nov 2020 ...

Looks like we might be back to normal by Monday! Yay! AND it means also that the awesome DHL will be delivering within the next 7-10 days, the beautiful new Distress treausures in Rustic Wilderness!

Can't wait to meet this beautiful new colour and use with the the others - the Rustic Wilderness Embossing Glaze will be awesome for Christmas cards! Its not like I haven't got another way to create a green glaze, or that Broken China and Fossilized Amber don't make a gorgeous green when layered - but that's not the point is it? lol :D Love our art supplies!

... Thurs 19th Nov 2020 ...

You might have noticed SA is in lockdown as of midnight last night…! So while the post office is still open, I’m staying put as its I'm not going anywhere until they get a hold on where this virus is spreading, in case its travelled south to our area (I'm south) - the newest info this morning says people can go out once a day wearing a mask, but only for essentials. But I have my 2 elderly parents (don't tell them I said that) live with me so am taking precautions.

I’m going to leave it for the weekend and decide on Monday (and will let you and others know by email and FB/Instagram wall), then post Tuesday if I can or just wait til all 6 days are up (which is only next Wednesday or Thursday). Its less than a week and with any luck, by the time this lockdown ends, the new Distress colour will almost be here!

They’re saying its a new breed of virus, like the one in Melbourne (and Europe, India, and everywhere else) where it spread like wildfire and lots of people didn’t even have symptoms! I'm so grateful to be in Australia. Time flies fast so it'll be back to normal very soon.

Thanks so much for visiting with the 'Art by Jenny' online treasure shop and reading my covid updates and news report.

This blog post will get updated regularly, ending up like a timeline of events and announcements for covid and other important matters - newest at the top.

I'm so grateful for your patience and understanding. Thank goodness in our crafty world, we always have so much to do and lots to look forward to!

Stay safe, keep smiling and have a Happy arty crafty creative day!

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