Flower Jar by Tim Holtz, stamps for all occasions

March Updates for New Arty Treasure - Oxides and Scribble Sticks inStore Now!

March 31 Update

PreOrder Update - Oxide Ink Pads are in stock!

The Distress Oxide Ink Pads are becoming scarce! If you miss out on an ink pad, buy a couple (or all) of the Oxide Reinkers. You can easily stamp and paint with these. The ink is smooth and creamy so sticks to rubber stamps quite well, with or without using an ink pad. I squirted some out onto my craft sheet and used my finger to dab onto my stamp. Worked out ok :) The colours themselves are different to the original Distress Inks... they're opaque, making the colours appear brighter. Well worth a try I think :D

New products are instock and online - Tim's Idea-Ology treasures including the gorgeous Boutique paper flowers, Transparent Alpha Tiles (so cool), Paper Dolls Die Cuts and the beautiful Design Tapes... plus lots more still to add :)

Actually, all that's left to add online from this delivery are the new binders, a few stashes of 12x12 and 8x8 paper pads, a "couple" of other Idea-Ology newbies, the Broadway Bigz Dies (its huge!), the cling foam alphabet stamps and 2 sets of Thinlet Dies (Tattered Florals and Wildflowers #2). Plus! New Darkroom Door stamps (more!) and Dina Wakely's Scribble Sticks will be added online soon. Dina's watercolour crayons (Scribble Sticks) are in stock now :D The colours are gorgeous!

Click here to buy new arty treasures

Transparent Alpha Tiles from Tim HoltzQuotation Stickers from Tim HoltzBoutique Paper Flowers from Tim Holtz

Dylusions Flip JournalDylusions Dyary Stick ItsVillage landscape die cut set

March 21 Update

PreOrder Update - My 2nd Delivery for Distress Oxide Ink Pads is next week, 28th March 2017 :)

I received a shipping notification today (21st) and had a wonderful surprise... the Oxides are on their way sooner than expected! Woo hoo! Wait till you see them in real life too - the colours look gorgeous :)

Single colours for each the ink pads and refills will be online later today along with everything else in my shipping notification - lots and lots of treasure! Gonna be a busy girl today :)

What else? I received a shipping notification from Stampers Anonymous a week or so ago, so more of the brand new CHA / Creativation releases will be here any day now!
- edit : 5 new stamp designs arrived last night - Slate & Stone, Vines & Roses (so pretty), Flower Jar (love it), Illustrated Garden (gorgeous) and Scribbles & Spirals.

Click here to check out the newbies :)

Dyary News

I know, the  Dylusions Dyaries feel like they're taking forever but they'll be here very very soon. My sources say they'll be here with me at the end of next week (around the 28th) with Dyan's other groovy treasures like the journal tape, flip journals, Dyary ink, Dyary tape, Dyary stickers and a whole stash of Tim's Idea-Ology - boutiques of flowers, paper dolls, alphabets and more! So much more :D
Sadly, my order doesn't include the Dyary die cuts - but I do have in stock 3 collections of colouring sheets.

Its pretty awesome! I just need to get my skates on and get them online so you can find them. Which reminds me, if you ever want to buy Tim's set of 12x12 metal drawers or spinning storage tray, sing out any time! I have deliveries from the US every month so its easy enough to add 1 or 3 extra items just for you :)

Darkroom Door have just announced a set of fantastic NEW Eclectic Stamps and they'll be here late March or early April. The pics look amazing :) I'll download them and add them to this blog post. Sing out if you want to PreOrder :)

Tim's Hipsters look so groovy in real life... just sayin' :)

Thanks for waiting with me for these treasures. I wish you a happy, creative day!

Feb 26 Update

They've arrived! Tim's stamps of Hipsters, Motivation series, Illustrated Garden, Brush Strokes plus Darkroom Door's beautiful new collage stamps.

Dyan Reaveley's newly designed Silhouette Stencils arrived as well, named from left to right - Jay, Ben and Emmi. These 3 stencils are the replacements for the dearly departed Flossie, Ruby, Lottie, Bert and Fred.

Etcetera now means 'Tim Treasure'!

The Tim Holtz Etcetera tags are here! These look and feel amazing :D

Tim Holtz's Etcetera range of tags are different to any surface you've used before! Made by Stamers Anonymous from what they call thickboard, a type of craftwood or thick chipboard. These tags are strong, smooth and ready for anything you want to create, embellish, paint, sand or drill - anything at all. Available in 3 sizes - 5.5"x10", 6.5"x12" and 8.25"x14.25".

Tim Holtz Etcetera tags

click here for New Treasure!

Love stencils? Me too! Finally, I've ordered my faves of the Mini Tim Holtz Layering Stencil range. The new ones aren't far away. The estimated release date from Stampers Anonymous is April (must check this!). If you come across any that I've not put online and would love to buy, let me know and I'll get them in for you. You can find all the stencils and masks here.

Tim Holtz cling stamp set Hipsters are animal portraits wearing ties and hatsThe Distress Oxide ink pads are arriving soon! Have you seen them? So much fun to be had I reckon. I've added them into the shop now as a PreOrder (click here) with the first delivery of ink pads and reinkers arriving mid to late March. Order today or contact me to be notified when they are here.

Dyan Reaveley and Dylusions Dyary or Perpetual DiaryDyan's dyary has had a slight delay but they'll be here very soon, also in mid March! Along with ALL the stickers, stamps, washi and more. The accessory bags aka stencil pockets will be here soon too.

So many treasures! Are you lucky enough to get your hands on any of these yet? Had time to play yet? I hope so. After all, that's what buying all these treasures is all about - more to use for art, craft and being creative in any way!

Thanks for your time :) Have an awesome happy, creative day!

Feb 12 Update

Some of Tim's stamps are flying across to us as I speak (type) ... Hipsters, Motivation series, Illustrated Garden, Brush Strokes and more. Darkroom Door newbies are instore now :D

I received the shipping notification from Stampers Anonymous yesterday (11 Feb) and it usually takes around a week for treasures to arrive so look for "nearly here" or "on its way" in the product name to see what's included. I've left the word "PreOrder" on as they're not here yet :) Any questions, sing out any time!

Tim's latest stencil designs will be here any day now... the tracking estimates Wednesday this week :D Sooooo exciting! Travelling with them are refills for the Masters' Cleaner, Yupo paper, most of Tim's stencils plus a "few" other treasures. Prismacolor blending pencils sold out again but will be back in March.

Dyan's groovy Dyary (diary, journal) is on its way to us too. I've only ordered 1 box (10) so get your order in quick so you don't miss out! Next delivery is in March for these. 

That's it for today's news. So far! lol :) There's always something exciting happening in the art and craft Universe!

Have an awesome happy, creative day!

Jan 31 News

As you probably have already seen and heard, there are so many arty treasures from Tim Holtz, Tonic Studios, Dylusions of Dyan Reaveley and Ranger about to be released.

Just like every new product announcement, they show off their new ideas and favourite new toys, then make us wait until the products have been manufactured. But its a good thing - this way we all get to have a good dose of retail and art therapy each and every month, not all at once!

image showing products soon to arrive at Art by Jenny online shop

Arrivals from Tim, Dyan and friends are happening every 4 or 5 weeks starting mid February. So exciting! Can't wait to see the bouquets of flowers (Idea-Ology), Tim and Tonic's fabulous new stamping gadget (like the Misti but half the price!) and Dyan's groovy new diary, I mean Dyary. I'd say sorry for my excitement but I'd just have to take it back because I simply love love love it all! The colours, designs, textures, ideas, inspiration, and more colours... {{happy sigh}} lol :)

Tim Holtz Stamp Collection HipsterDylusions Creative Dyary by Dyan Reaveley

This link will transport you to the "What's New" category to see what's just arrived

Click this link to see and preorder all the brand new goodies

Gorgeous NEW Darkroom Door stamps are on their way - arriving in a couple of weeks... can't wait :) I love the look of it all (as always! lol), the Grunge Marks, Butterflies and Classic Cars. And the Hummingbirds are gorgeous too! Rachel's special occasion sayings are practical as well as beautiful.

Darkroom Door Classic Cars Stamp SetDarkroom Door Hummingbirds stamp set 

The Texture Stamps and more of the other collections are planned to arrive this year. Slowly I'm building up the shop to have every single Darkroom Door stamp available for you to buy.

This is a direct link to all Darkroom Door new arrivals

Speaking of my wishlist, Liquitex acrylic paints are arriving in the next few weeks. I'm ordering the basics plus a few favourites like veridian, aqua and turquoise! You've just got to have all the gorgeous mermaid colours at hand, it saves so much time and hassle mixing them. With basics you can create nearly every colour under the sun but if you want other colours, simply ask :)

The Liquitex bottles of ink are on their way too. I love ink :) Such a versatile medium - it can be used for drawing, colouring, painting, splashing, dripping - anything at all. Plus if you add it to the thick gel mediums, it becomes a thick paint. AND it works beautifully with all the Distress, Winsor & Newton and Gansai Tambi ranges too :) Yay!

Paint brushes are still here waiting to be added to the shop... along with Winsor & Newton mediums (watercolour paints in tubes and pans are on the way), Liquitex gesso, IndigoBlu stamps ... I've got Rain Drops, Kibble Puppies and Kittens, Rebecca, Ella Bella and a few more.

Anybody still want Brusho or Ken Oliver watercolour powders? I haven't ordered them again because I find my Tim Holtz Distress Ink Sprays to be so much easier to use. And cleaner if you can believe it! I ended up with watercolour dust everywhere when I last used Brusho powder - I've given it to a friend who simply loves the stuff :) Obviously it was something I did because she doesn't make a mess at all. lol :)

If you want them, let me know. Both Brusho Crystal Colours and Ken Oliver Color Bursts can easily be ordered from my supplier.

FYI ... Below is a background made for my latest ATCs using Tim's Distress Ink Sprays.

background featuring Tim Holtz Distress Ink

I've found that Tim Holtz's ink sprays and stains are permanent once heat set and if sprayed with a mist of fixative, the colours don't fade. Most watercolours need to be set with a fixative before adding other layers so the colours don't reactivate with water or other ink.

I always spray a fine mist of fixative over my art, just in case. Any brand will work - just make sure it says "non yellowing". If you can't find it or aren't sure what you're looking for, ask me anytime :)

Thanks for reading my shop's blog. I'm off to Blogger now to upload my latest creations... its been a while so there'll be a few pics to see. Have a wonderful, creative and Happy day!


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