closeup photograph of the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Baseboard Paper Dolls, embellishments for visual arts

New Treasures - Updated Announcements - New Info 18 April

January to April 2019 Product News

What Beautiful Easter Arrivals!

Rather than rehash the same info over and over in new blog posts, I'm updating this one... its all the same subject - Dyan, Tim and friends - so it makes sense to keep all the information together :) Latest news is at the top.

Finnabair Stickers and Tim Holtz IdeaOlogy Transparent Wings

Update Thurs, 18 April ... Tim's gorgeous wings have sold out but more are flying over, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. While waiting, check out the Idea-Ology Baseboard Dolls cos they're amazing. Just like the original Paper Dolls but bigger and thicker, they can almost stand up by themselves :) With the Baseboard Dolls are Photobooth (trios of vintage portraits) and Found Relatives. Perfect for scrapbooking, journaling or creating off the page projects. Tim's groovy Bigz, Impresslits and Thinlits have arrived too... those Geo Insects are ever so cool :) The gorgeous new Distress Oxide Sprays will be here in 1-2 weeks too! Can't wait! Do you reckon this blog post is long enough? lol :) I'll start a new one next week :)

group photo showing the Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Baseboard Bookboard Paper DollsPictured right is a group photo of the Baseboard Dolls... they're all hanging out with the little thank you cards I send out which should give you an idea on their size. They're about 3mm thick :)

So much treasure, so little time! But wait, its Easter this weekend... I'm sure most of us could squeeze 10 minutes out of the frantic schedule of rellies and chocolate for some art. I'm so much of a craft-addict that I used to take books and cross stitch camping with me (years ago), didn't get much done but it felt good to have it nearby.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you hang out with ... I wish you all a wonderfully arty crafty Happy Easter!

Click here to check out all the new treasures!

Update 13 April ... They're here! Tim's gorgeous acetate Transparent Wings and a few other awesome arty treasures from our professor have landed with more arriving on Monday (touching wood so nothing goes amiss)! Also in my hot little hands, are Dyan's Dylusions Stencils, Maisie, Martha and the Dyalog Stencils. PLUS! New from Darkroom Door are fabulous Stencils and Stamps, Finnabair's beautifully printed Decorative Tissue and Sticker Books are here too. So exciting!

Update 3 April ... Finnabair's new tissue and sticker books arrived! Tim's stencils and stamps will be here very very soon (1-2 weeks) and sorry to say, still no news about Dyan's stencils (Dyalogs, Martha and Maisie).

but did you see Tim's newest release? Wow! Looks amazing, doesn't it always?  Of course everything has been ordered! So excited! lol :) Will have a timeframe for you shortly :)

Update 21 March ... Woo hoo! A bit excited again... The new Darkroom Door stamp sets and beautiful stencils arrives tomorrow (Friday)! Just waiting for the postie...! Details shortly (off to pick up my new glasses, ones without scratches. Yay!) then will upload it to the shop so you can see them all :)

Update 19 March ... Nearly all newest items are in stock now, with all 12 colours of the Oxide Sprays and big beautiful Jumpstart Journal.  There's a delay for the new Dylusions and Dyalog stencils. Its unusual for Ranger to give a release date then change it, so it must be a good reason why the stencils are delayed. Looks like April :) Fingers crossed! The moment I hear more, I'll update each product title and description (and this blog post).

Re Ide-Ology Treasures ... all these including the gorgeous wings, date balls, trinkets and findings are due to be released any day now. Am watching my preorder like a hawk 😁 Delivery is hopefully April 😊

Soooo ... sometimes waiting can take forever, so the Idea-Ology treasures are not online yet! Putting them all online this week but only available for PreOrder here in the shop, not in my eBay store.

BUT good news! Tim's Stencils are finally available so they'll be here in 3 weeks or so (mid to late April, in time for Easter).

Thanks to Tim for the use of the beautiful photos ... gorgeous greeting cards made by his design team using the latest products.

Thinking of Tim during his latest adventure ... Not a nice one this time, poor Tim has had a major operation but is now finally healing and recovering. Such wonderful news that he's ok now at least. I'm so grateful he surrounds himself (and listens to) with loved ones - the incredible Mario, his wonderful family and friends - because I can't imagine how we all would manage if he left us. He's one in a billion.

Tim is an incredible artist... I love his passion, enthusiasm, excitement, his amazing talent for ideas, design and innovation, such caring nature, generosity, kindness, big beautiful grin and am most grateful that he's so happy to share all he knows with us all. If you want to read what happened, visit Tim's blog.

Scroll down for all the info about the latest products, for quick links, read about the new arrivals and other info for my most favourite South Aussie shop.

Happy Creative Day!


January each year is when all our favourite artists and brands announce new products and designs that they've been keeping to themselves and their design teams. Now its February and they're starting to arrive! The following is all about the groovy new treasures of 2019.

Dyan Reaveley of Dylusions

Dyan recorded her live video in FB extremely early the other day (5pm UK time last night) and announced a whole swag of awesomeness!

Quick listing of what's ordered (plus there's always more!):
- Small Mixed Media Journal with Black Pages
- Adorable Pencil Case (same material as other 2 accessory bags)
- Big Back Chat Stickers in Black and White
- Dyalog Cover (same beautiful spotty design as the pencil case and bags)
- Dyalog Clear Inner (pockets)
- Dyalog Stencils (3 designs - stencil it, doodle it, border it)
- Dyalog Clear Stamps (5 sets - on the edge, full package, whatever, all the right boxes, blind date, numerology)
- Silhouette Stencils (Maisie and Martha)
- Jumpstart Journal (large preprinted mixed media journal... keep your eyes peeled at 23 minutes into the video (below), this book includes 56 different printed pages as well as blank pages)
- Rubber Stamps (the cat and I, never forget your sparkle, I believe in unicorns, nuts in may, let me adjust my crown, just breathe)
... and a few more!

Click here to see all of Dyan's Dylusional Treasures!

Watch Dyan below (its recorded in Facebook so hopefully you can watch it even if you're not in Facebook). Also, Dyan's blogged all the excitement, so check out Dyan's blog post with all the photos here.

Dyan Reaveley live in Facebook with a January 2019 Product RevealClick the pic to watch the video in Facebook or visit

Tim Holtz New Treasures

As usual, its all incredible and everything will work beautifully with all our other art and craft supplies! Everything has been preordered but if you can't find something, ask me anytime :)

Click here to see all of the Tim Holtz Treasures!

To make it easier for you, check out the following blog posts on Tim's website.

2019 Sizzix Sneak Peeks ...
This blog post features all of the new Thinlits and Bigz Dies with gorgeous creations made by Tim's clever team of designers.
Look out George Jetson, Tim and Sizzix are bringing the retro space age world into the 21st century! Designs include groovy robots (Rosie would love them), retro shapes and awesome dinosaurs :)

2019 Idea-Ology Sneak Peeks ...
So much to choose from including Lace Frames, Date Dials, Paper Dolls in Bookboard, Hinge Clips, Transparent Wings and so much more. Love those wings, they're stunning!

2019 Stamps and Stencils Sneak Peek ...
From eccentric animals, scribblings of tangled embroidery threads to beautiful vintage florals, there's something for everyone with this new release. Loving the stencils too!

But Wait. There's More! (hee hee)

Distress Oxide Sprays (omg, how awesome are they?), Distress Archival Mini Inkpads and Reinkers, Stamps, Stencils (i Love honeycomb and hexagons), Idea-Ology treasures, die cutting templates! Some will be here later this month, others in February and more in March. As each product is added to the shop, they each product will have details and info in their description :)

PLUS... Darkroom Door have some amazing stamps and stencils arriving next month (February), Sizzix have bunnies, bears and sloths (too adorable) and Finnabair has new stencils and paint colours, (plus more of Anna's collection will be here too).

New treasures arrive every week, sometimes they arrive before I'm organised and are added straight to the shelf of new arrivals - Click this link to check out the "What's New" category.

Me excited? Always! lol :)

Everything will be online with more information and pics so you can bookmark, preorder sometime this week.
... visit the PreOrder collection (click or tap here) or contact me with your wishlist.
Plus, already instore are : white 'No Limits' Dyalog cover, new large accessory bag and new Insert Books are in the Dylusions collection (click or tap here).

In case you're wondering... Finnabair Metallique, Impasto and Sparks paints, clear gesso and gel medium restocks have been ordered, due to arrive later this month. The Mechanicals, Stickers, Stamps and other treasures are still only on my "I'll get these one day" list but if you'd like them you only need twist my arm.
The 6 beautiful new stencils that were seen around the traps late last year will hopefully be available soon so they can finally be shipped to us too.

I think that's it :) Thanks to Tim for the photo of the Dinos!

How to Order

Save time and money, stop chasing your tail trying to find everything! Shop online or simply send me a list of what you'd like via FB message, email, phone or even snail mail and I'll get back to you with a total that includes free postage.

You can update the list as much as you wish before the invoice is created. An invoice enables you to pay in instalments (like a layby) with your Paypal balance or credit card. It even allows you to add a tip if you wish! Once the invoice / order is paid in full, your treasures are posted to you the moment they land :) Simples!

Click here to see all Dyan Reaveley Treasures
Click this one for all Tim's Treasures

Thanks for reading my news :) Its always a super busy but exciting time of year keeping up with these two RockStars!

Imagine if my shop sold all those other amazing brands as well? I'd never have time to sleep! lol :) That said, if you're ever looking for something, my wholesaler is chockas full of so many awesome treasures. Ask any time, I'm here to help!

Have a happy creative day!

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