Arty News 2022 - Stitching with Snarky Cats and Latest News Updates

Latest Arty Update was edited on 6th January 2022 :)

All the wonderful arty treasures from Tim, Dyan, Dina and Darkroom Door are inStore, waiting for you to buy them so you can make more Art!

Christmas break! ... 19th Dec 2022 to 10th Jan 2023 :)
Art by Jenny enjoyed a short break over Christmas and the New Year. The online art shop was be left to it's own devices, working hard 24/7 while we slept. Thank you for your patience as we pack all your orders and answer emails as fast as we can :)

Important Note - All purchases before the New Year will be posted by Tuesday, 10th January 2023 - and any arty treasures purchased after 1st January will be posted by Thursday 12th January. Thank you all so much!

From Monday 9th January, we will be catching up, answering your emails, gathering items into parcels, packing and preparing for posting everything as fast as we can. 

Thanks again for your business, support, patience, inspiration, chats, laughter and sharing our love of art!

I wish for you world peace, hope, happyness, good health, love, laughter and many relaxing enjoyable moments using your favourite arty treasures!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Arty Year!
from all of us here at Art by Jenny


Check out the Christmas shelf full of the Christmas Idea-Ology (beautiful Salvaged Deer, Drippy Candles and Candlesticks, Trees and Treestands - and more!), Sizzix Thinlits, 3D Embossing Folders, Stamps and Stencils, all Distress faves in the gorgeous new red Lumberjack Plaids (back in stock).

Also, our wonderful Dyan Reaveley's treasures are here - Dylusions Collage Sheets, Stencils, Shimmer Paints and Stamps and anything else I've not mentioned!

Plus all of Dina Wakley's new Stencils, Stamps, Transparencies and Tissue, and Darkroom Door awesome new stamps including the naughty one of sweary sentiments!

There is always something new around the corner, ready to inspire us to create each and every day! 

... Here is the arty crafty Festive Christmas shelf ...

More exciting news... Tim Holtz Tonic Studio Media Grip Mat is finally in stock - so are Tim's Distress Watercolour Pencils! These arty treasures are perfect for an UnBirthday present, a 'just because' present, an early Valentine's day, or even simply because they're awesome pencils (they are definitely not crayons). Any excuse to buy art supplies!

Sizzix and Tim Holtz ... Chapter One, 2023 - January release! Find them in our shop early Jan, ready for their arrival around the 13th January! 
... A perfect chapter of creativity because 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. This new series includes bunnies, amazing textures, arty hearts and more. All to mix and match and create art for Unbirthdays, Valentines, Spring and Easter!
... Tim and Sizzix' new designs have released 16 new designs, all amazing, as usual :) Watch the PreOrder and or What's New shelves for their online arrival, checking their their descriptions for arrival and departure information, which will be kept up to date regularly.

Looking for the PreOrder category? Here it is - click this link to see what is available to buy in advance . Please ensure you you read the descriptions for delivery timeframes!

Scroll down the blog post to see how I've created a crafty page in my Dina Wakley MEdia Kraft Journal using Snarky Cat and Dylusions new Sampler and Sew Easy stamps with Tim's Distress Watercolour Pencils :) It was fun to stamp and colour this fab page!

Sizzix' new Stencil and Stamp Tool is here. Much bigger than I imagined. I love my Tim Holtz Platform (which sadly was retired long ago) and this new precision stamping and stenciling tool is just as amazing. The main difference is it uses a Sticky Grid Sheet or the Tim Holtz Media Grip Mat to hold your artwork still (instead of magnets). It is flat too, so works well with large journal pages and scrapbooking layouts. The new stencils and stamps which Sizzix have designed are available upon request (prices vary). 

Sizzix Stencil and Stamp Precision Layering Tool with notes and an example of use

The shop is filled to the brim as we do have a few extras of everything for those of you who prefer to wait until things are actually here. Its all looking Amazing!

Arty News of Dina Wakley MEdia ... the brand new Transparencies and Collage Tissue (with all the wings) arrived on 30th Nov and are awesome. Find them in Dina's shelf or the 'What's New' collection.

Photo from Dina Wakley MEdia showing Transparencies, Ledger Collage Sheets, Stamps, Paints and Tags

Photo above is from Dina Wakley MEdia showing Transparencies, Ledger Collage Sheets, Stamps, Paints and Tags in use created by Dina.

If you wish to buy anything recently announced by any of our favourites including Darkroom Door and Pink Ink Designs, but cannot find it online in the shop, please contact me and I'll organise an invoice for you. Most of it is here and you won't have to wait for them to land.

Halloween Crafty Fun ... we have over 250 days left until next Halloween! ha ha ha :) Why wait til next year? Stock up now and create spooky makes whenever You feel like it. Find them in the Wicked and Wonderful Halloween Treasure Shelf

Stitching with Stamps

I love embroidery (I love everything arty! lol), so was pretty happy when Dyan designed sets of stamps featuring hand stitching, cotton reels, buttons and other groovy things!

I'd just stamped out a few rows of stitching (using Archival Ink) in my Dina Wakley MEdia Kraft Journal when a pair of Tim's Snarky Cats stopped by to help... Cheekies made such a mess, those cotton reels were neat before! Luckily they didn't eat my button flower too!

Sewing with Stamps and Cats

Thankfully its all purrfectly good fun and it was a joy to colour in using Distress Watercolour Pencils (no water this time), so I forgave them. Plus their claws didn't go through the thick kraft paper so its fine. I was stamping this page out while waiting for another book to dry, which is why it was photographed surrounded by Christmas Idea-ology!

Snarky Cats helping sew with Dylusions Stamps

close up photo of the Stitching with Cats and Stamps page close up photo of the stitching with cats and stamps page  hang in there while we wait for Snarky Cat to remove his claws

A few closeups to make you smile!

Everything I've used is available here at Art by Jenny ... Tim Holtz Stamps (Snarky Cats), Dylusions Stamps (Sew Easy and Sampler), Distress Watercolour Pencils, Bigger Back Chat Stickers, White Gel Pens, Dina Wakley MEdia Kraft 6"x6" Journal. 
.. Use the search function or visit each category, or click here to visit the huge category of everything and use the drop down menus to search for 'animals' or 'sewing materials' or 'books and journals' :)

Remember ... there are no mistakes in art so simply enjoy every creative moment as you splash paint and ink around! Make art your way, however you wish using whatever you wish :) Repurpose packaging, save those boxes for spray booths, layer old buttons and have fun!

Thank you all of You who purchased Arty Treasures throughout 2022. I'm so grateful for your patience as we waited for everything to arrive. You're all amazing.

You'll be very pleased to hear that everything by Tim and Dyan is now here (apart from a few that sold out while we waited, more landing each week). A huge thank you also to everyone else who visits my shop to enjoy a wander around. I love having a shop and working from home. I feel immensely grateful and lucky every day!

Have an arty crafty creative Happy day!


Looking to see what else has just been added to our shelves? ... Sometimes items won't be in the "What's New!" collection because they're not really new, just new to us!  Click here to see all the amazing arty treasures that has arrived inStore recently. ^_*

Need your order giftwrapped? ... Any excuse to wrap a parcel in pretty paper and ribbon. Choose from Just Because, Easter, Birthdays, UnBirthdays, Easter, Christmas or Valentine's or whatever theme you wish. Simply let me know with your order. We also have digital giftcards (instant evouchers) and handmade giftcards (sent to you or your loved one by snailmail).

FREE Trimming Service ... All of the wonderful Darkroom Door Stamp Sets are made of one sheet of deeply etched red rubber backed with cling foam. This rubber is easy to cut with Tim Holtz Tonic Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors (I use the 7" ones) or I can cut them up for you. ---  Click here for details.

Looking for something and can't find it? Sing out anytime, I love to help :)