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This category is dedicated to the one and only incredibly talented and amazing Dyan Reaveley, designer of Dylusions! What an inspiration :)

Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions News ... Awesome Life's Essentials! A large Ledger style Art Journal (dot grid, graph and officy patterns on mixed media paper), 3 designs of stencils in small and large, 16 Archival Mini Ink Pads (in 4 sets, 4 colours per set) plus 16 Archival Reinkers --- there will be 2 bundles : one bundle with the Ledger, stencils and ink pads, one bundle with the Reinkers --- Landing in 2-3 weeks - I will get them online as fast as I can! Watch this PreOrder collection updates :) So exciting!
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Check out all the awesome arty crafty goodness that is Dylusions - Stamps and Stencils, Paints, Sprays, Shimmers, Tools, Books and Journals, Collage and Colouring Sheets, Sticker Books, Planner Stamps, Dyalog and planner accessories, ink sprays and acrylic paints and more! This is an inspirational collection of wonderful, bold, bright and unique products to use every day! 

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