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Ranger Emboss It - Clear Dabber - 34ml Bottle

Ranger Emboss It - Clear Dabber - 34ml Bottle

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Emboss It Clear Dabber - by Ranger ... slow drying, clear embossing ink for visual arts, papercrafts and mixed media.

Ranger's Emboss It Ink is specially developed with clear embossing ink that stays wet for an extend period of time to allow you to prepare your design and sprinkle your embossing powder. The ink holds the powder in place until it is heated using a special tool which melts the powder into a permanent, raised layer.

A bottle with a sponge tip (dauber) is great for applying embossing ink onto larger areas and surfaces.

This clear ink is ideal for use with all colours of embossing powder for all visual arts and crafts including mixed media, scrapbooking, cardmaking, stamping and art journaling projects.

To Use Embossing Dabber Bottle :
- tap gently onto scrap paper to start the ink to flow.
- the dabber bottle has a sponge tip which is sealed until the first use (you will hear a click sound when the seal is broken).
- pounce or dab the bottle's sponge tip to apply ink onto your surface.
- while wet, sprinkle with your the embossing powder.
- tap off the excess powder.
- using a heat tool, gently heat up the embossing powder until it melts.
- be careful as the hot air is very very hot!
- sometimes heating from underneath your cardstock helps give an even coverage.
- make sure the heat tool is not too close and is constantly moved around so the cardstock and embossing powder does not burn.
- leave to cool (doesn't take long).

Pack includes :
- 1 dabber bottle of clear embossing ink.
... 1 fl oz (34ml).
... bottle is approx 3 3/4" (9.5cm) tall.

Acid free, non-toxic.

Some find it beneficial to dust an 'Anti Static Pouch' (also available) over their surface before they begin. It helps by encouraging the embossing powder to only stick where the embossing ink is applied.

Emboss It Inks together with embossing powders, are also great for creating unique, abstract areas in mixed media and visual arts. Simply apply the ink anywhere on your surface (fabric, paper, cardstock) with the inkpad, a brush or directly with the reinker bottle (instead of using a rubber stamp). Then follow the same directions as above.

Emboss It Embossing Inks can also be used to create a resist or watermark effect. A resist is created when one ink resists being coloured over by another. This is most dramatic when the under colour is lighter and brighter than the top color. Use on glossy paper apply with rubber stamps brayer rollers stencils or create a spatter effect using a brush.

Easy to clean off tools, brushes and stamps : simply use soap and water, Ranger's Archival Ink all purpose non-toxic cleanser, Masters' Artists Handsoap or Masters' Brush Cleaner (all sold separately). 

Also available from Art by Jenny - Ranger's Emboss it Reinkers, Pens, Dabbers, Ink Pads, Embossing Powders and of course, stamps, brushes and surfaces! Each sold separately.

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