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New Arty Treasures for collecting, sharing and using for creativity, arts and crafts!

This category is where all the brand new designs and products are placed when they first arrive in Australia at our 'Art by Jenny' online shop.

Arty News Update ... Click this link to read our bunny excitable news. Our arty news often chats about exciting arrivals, new discoveries and art created ... Today's news is all about the latest designs for February 2024 - with pictures! Happy Arty Days :)

Dina Wakley MEdia - 28th Feb ... Paints, Stamps and Stencils by Dina Wakley are on their way to us - featuring fantastic layerable prints, people, kittens (one kitten in a circle), wonderful leaves, patterns and beautiful colours! They're travelling with Dyan's next delivery and landing in 1-2 days, Late February :) Yay!

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Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions News - 28th Feb 2024 ... Delivery of all the new Dyamond Rocks, Dyamond Dusts, and the Stencils and Paints are destined to be delivered around the same time, late February, in 1-2 days!
- The Reinker for Dyamond Medium ink pad is 2-3 weeks later. Watch this space or buy in advance :) Happy Arty Day!

Yay! So excited! Dyan's 7x7 square journal blocks will be here in less than a week! Early March :D Definitely worth the wait, such a cool shape, easy to hold and simple to use, love it - Watch it's space, buy now or contact me to save one for you. Thank You!

- click here to visit the Dyan Reaveley Dylusions category -

Tim Holtz treasures ... from bunnies and eggs to 37 brand new colours of Distress woodless watersoluble (watercolour) pigment rich pencils! Everything is here awaiting you to buy them to collect, share and use to create art to make smiles! 
- Distress 20 year anniversary : Tim and Ranger have heaps of amazing new products, designs, ideas and inspiration planned :) Dream big!
Tiny Blending Tools : The refill packets of tiny domed foams are delayed and should be landing sometime during April 2024.

Tim Holtz Stamps 'Love Notes' is a wonderful set of hand drawn love hearts in a variety of styles and sizes with a host of words, messages and thoughts for friendship, love and kindness. Perfect for all year round.

Thank you so much for shopping with Art by Jenny!


Did you know? ... we have a fabulous collection which has everything all in one place. Simply use the filter drop down menu to have a wander.  Click here to see all the arty treasures at once. ^_*

Remember ... there are no mistakes in art so take a breath and dive in. Enjoy every creative moment as you smoosh, splash, stamp and colour!