Ranger Mini Ink Blending Tool - 2 Wooden Handles - 4 Round Foam Pads



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Ranger's Mini Ink Blending Tools ... 2 (two) wooden handled tools to use with the Ranger Mini Ink Blending Replacement Foams (sold separately).

The Mini Ink Blending Tool features an ergonomic wooden handle with a base to attach round foam pads.

The round foam pads are made of thick dense white sponge, each is approx 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" and 1/4" thick ... 30mm x 30mm and 6mm thick.

The foams attach to the Mini Ink Blending Tool using a built-in Velcro-style hook and loop connection. The Ink Blending Tool has the loops, the foams have the felt that sticks to the loops.

Apply your favourite inks and paints to all kinds of visual arts projects including cardmaking, scrapbooking, papercrafts, off the page masterpieces, painting, mixed media, collage and journaling.

Blend inks and paints through stencils, over large areas, into small spaces and around edges.

Use 1 foam for each colour or wash gently with soap and water to reuse.
When using with acrylic paints, its best to wash them before the paint dries!

Pack of 2 (two) wooden tools and 4 (four) round replacement foam pads.

Storage Ideas for the Foams...
- place another piece of Velcro to the back of your ink pads to hold a foam for each colour.
- the foams fit inside the back of a Mini Distress Ink Pad (also available, sold separately) easily, with or without Velcro.
- I keep my foams and tools together in a bowl on my table ... I use 1 foam for a variety of colours ... 1 for yellow inks, 1 for light blues, 1 for dark blues, 1 for browns, etc.
- keep inside one of Ranger's metal storage tins (available, sold separately).
- make a chart of all Distress colours, attach a piece of Velcro to each swatch spot and keep the foams in clear view! Some laminate their charts before attaching the Velcro.
... These are just some ideas! I'm sure there are dozens of ways. Happy creating!