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Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios Retractable Craft Pick

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios Retractable Craft Pick

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Retractable Craft Pick - by Tim Holtz and Tonic Studio ... with Black Kushgrip Handle.

A craft pick is a most useful tool. It has a strong, needle-like, long steel point that is useful for more than just poking holes in paper.

Use to pierce holes through paper, chipboard, polymer clay, fabrics, cork, vellum and more.

Tim's Craft Pick is also useful for holding things down while you work, clearing blockages in my glue bottles' tips, poking holes in flower centres, marking lines in artwork, picking up tiny bits that are too small for tweezers and that's just the pointy end. The round bit at the top is great for embossing, smoothing papers and moulding leaves and petals of paper flowers.

This Tim Holtz craft tool features an ergonomic Kushgrip handle for comfort and a steel piercer that retracts for safety and storage.

The steel point extends up to 1.25 inches and holds in place at different depths.

Package contains:
- 1 craft pick with a black handle.

Warning: the enclosed product contains a very sharp point. Use with care.

Made by Tonic Studio for Tim Holtz.

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