create with Kelly and try brush lettering with watercolours, Dylusions Sprays and Distress inks

Arty Crafty News Update - New Treasures Have Arrived

We now have Wishlists!
You can either use them as a temporary 60 day list (it relies on cookies (not the edible kind) to save them in your browser) or you can sign into your Art by Jenny Shop Account and save them for all time.
This new feature will hopefully easily enable you to see at a glance if what you're waiting for is in stock or not. The "notify me" button hasn't been very successful because its not automated and this way, you have control over what you wish to save for later or compare with other designs.

View your saved Arty Wishlist here

Darkroom Door's newest stamps and stencils are selling fast! Have you seen their wonderful Rainbow Stencil and groovy Sketched Alphabet stamp set? Love them! Lucky for us, they're Australian made so a much shorter wait time when we need to buy more for you :) Darkroom Door's wonderful designs are perfect for all year round, journaling, cardmaking, scrapbooking - any excuse to stamp!

Click here to visit the shelf of Darkroom Door 

Dyan Reaveley's fun and quirky, patchwork inspired collection of stamps and stencils are all in stock again. Add the groovy look that hexagons give to everything to your journal pages and mixed media artwork... or just stamp them out for colouring in with pencils, Distress inks, Dylusions sprays, textas or whatever is in your crayon tin! Have fun!

Check out Dyan's Dylusions Treasures

Tim's beautiful new collection of Christmas Stamps and Stencils have started to arrive!
The only ones left to land are the Snarky Christmas Cats, Sketch Greenery, Tiny Text Christmas, Christmastime 3, and one of the Bold Tidings sets. I was hoping for delivery today but the 2 boxes got split up at the airport in LA, but looks like they're meeting up again in Adelaide shortly. I'm going to stop looking at the tracking so they travel faster :) Can't wait! I know you can't wait either!

See the beautiful Christmas collection from Tim

Christmas stamps and stencils are great for creating art for other reasons ... holidays, using in backgrounds, feeling cold, wintery escapes, change of seasons (pine cones, poinsettia and holly are perfect for Autumn and Spring too, they grow year round in Oz), or simply because you like the colours and designs!
Christmas doesn't have to be all about making and sending greeting cards either. Why not create a journal page or decorate a sheet of cardstock just for the sheer enjoyment of an adventure in (wonderland) stamping and collage? Its art - no rules, just have fun!

The third new Distress colour, Rustic Wilderness, is beautiful ... the perfect green for Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe and nail polish (well, they do say the Distress Paint is permanent on most surfaces). I may be slightly biased because green's my fave colour, but it is a gorgeous green, bit darker than Lucky Clover, greener than Peeled Paint, lighter than Forest Moss :) Hard to explain, you'll see when it arrives if you've ordered it.

The trio of Distress Crayons in the 3 new colours look good together too ... and as proven over the years, all Distress colours go together beautifully. Only 9 more new colours to go ... I can't help but wonder what the next one will be. lol :) Maybe a yellow for Easter or a purple for Valentine's? Whatever Tim and Ranger have planned, I'm sure it will be an instant fave the moment its announced :)

Try Brush Lettering with Kelly Creates!
Kelly Klapstein teaches how to do beautiful lettering using workbooks, practice papers, brush pens, metallic markers and fine pens, all in stock. Kelly makes lettering much easier than the traditional calligraphy techniques we were introduced to at school (I'm going back a couple of years here)... no slapped fingers for holding the pen at the wrong angle either! lol :)

The main lesson to remember? Go s-l-o-w-l-y, then go even slower! At least 5 seconds for one individual little letter...! Try it, its alot slower than it sounds. Makes us concentrate, which means the mind has to let go of all the other noise and pay all its attention to the hands and pens. Have a go, its relaxing and rewarding :)

Click here to check out all of Kelly's treasures
Watch Kelly Create in Instagram here

I Love Paper ... and I found a gorgeous new brand called Magnani 1404 - not quite new, but new to me! Imagine - Round Watercolour Paper - something different to use for painting, making pockets, flip out pages, unique shaped cards and more. Each disc has 20 sheets of superb watercolour paper made in Italy. Choose from 2 sizes and 3 surface textures, smooth, textured and rough.

The other must have paper (as well as Tim's, no such thing as too much paper, I love paper!), are the Strathmore Mixed Media and Watercolour papers, both available as Paper Pads and Journals. This paper is high quality, durable and ideal for all techniques - gel printing, stamping, colouring, drawing, abstract, collage, any visual arts you wish to try!

Click here for all paper by Strathmore
Click here for the round paper by Magnani

Make more time for Art!
Get crafty so you too can feel all the wonderful therapeutic benefits that being creative provides. There are no rules and you can't make mistakes, so simply enjoy every arty moment! Its amazing how much art and all creativity can help our hearts and minds :) Enjoy every moment!

FREE Tutorials for Mixed Media, Stamping and Art!
Over at the Art by Jenny blog I'm encouraging everyone to create a life less ordinary through art. It is a growing collection of easy to follow, step by step tutorials with large clear photos and loads of information. If there's a particular technique you're searching for or you need a hand, I'm always here to help.

Click here to visit my Arty Crafty Blog

As you can see, there is always something new around the corner in the art and craft community, especially with Tim, he has always new ideas and amazing inspiration every day! Did you see at Sizzix, he's almost released his Easter collection of die cutting templates?
... I've ordered everything but I'm not adding them to the shelves of my shop until January - sorry! but we haven't had Christmas yet! Just sayin'.
... But if you wish to preorder or have questions, feel free to drop me a line :) Maybe I'll add them without adding them to collections so if you want to see them, you can. Still feels too early to start talking Easter - what do you think?

Yes, its long and desperately needs some pictures! Thanks so much for your time, reading my newsy shop update.
Stay safe, keep crafty and have a wonderful arty Happy day!


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