Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Date Dials with Stampers Anonymous Merry Misfits Stamped Reindeer

Arty Shop News - Happy Arty December 2019

Merry Christmas from all of us at Art by Jenny in South Australia

Christmas and New Year Deliveries

From Monday 23rd December 2019 to Sunday 5th January 2020, packing and sending orders will be slowed down to a snail's pace as we celebrate and enjoy some time off.

The shop will be open 24/7 as usual with deliveries being sent on Mondays (plus other days if required). You can still contact me during this time too, choose from email (reply to any of mine or click here), eBay message, text message on 0428898120, or write to the Art by Jenny Facebook Page. I may just be a bit slower in responding!

Creativation 2020

Little Reminder : Creativation in Arizona, USA starts Jan 16th ... http://www.creativationshow.org - All our faves will be there! Can't wait to see what new designs Tim, Dyan and Rachel have planned.

Also, while I was wandering around the virtual shelves of my wholesaler, I found a gorgeous new series of stamps (yes, more stamps! lol) - Pink Ink Designs! Flying goblens, dragons, turtles, seahorses and so much more... can't wait for my order to arrive so I can show you!

Arty Crafty Creative Plans!

With all this extra new found spare time, I'll be finishing the September Gelli Arts gelli printing challenge, making art, painting, colouring, and at some point, starting and finishing a crochet something. Maybe a scarf or blanket or bag or head warmer - the only thing I've decided is that it'll be green! lol :) I do love green!

I'll also be planning a long list of weekly prompts and challenges to keep us inspired to make time for creativity all year long. A whole year of art! How awesome!

I hope you'll join me with the challenges and prompts, even if you don't post your artwork online. Its important to look after yourself and regular art challenges help by encouraging time out to be a priority, to make time for creativity. The themes help find lost mojo, spark the imagination and inspire new ideas. The creativity really does help heal and soothe, its just so beneficial to life. Its so relaxing to watch paint move and come to life on the paper! I could do it all day :)

Galah's Christmas Party

Happiness is a gathering of Aussie Galahs having a Christmas party, wearing dress-ups made from the Tim Holtz Merry Misfits Stamp Set.

Full details are here on my blog ... https://artbyjennydesign.blogspot.com/2019/12/galahs-christmas-party.html

Australian galahs made from stamps having a Christmas party

Under their playground of Idea-Ology embellishments and trimmings is a holly forest grown with layers of plaster, paint and collage paper.
This fun Christmas artwork was created over a few days as ink needed to dry and the galahs couldn't decide where they wanted to perch, or even who was going to dress up as Santa and Rudolph.
Finally they decided to sit still, but I made their masks and hats repositionable anyway, so everyone can have a turn!

I do love Tim's Bird Crazy feathered friends. They always make me smile!

I've finally used my Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Date Dials and Pocket Watch Frames, making them into perpetual calendars. For now, the larger one is set to 25th of the 12th. The smaller one has a tiny dreamcatcher inside.

What have you made with your Idea-Ology Treasures?

Arty Treasure Update!

The latest arrivals to my shop have been restocks of our favourites (paints, inks, papers, stencils, stamps and more) with only a few newbies. With over 1000 treasures to choose from, there's still plenty to capture your imagination and to use for being arty and crafty every day! Christmas is here and this added pressure while living in the fast paced world of instant, makes it even more important for you (anyone) to take time out to be creative. Just 10 minutes a day will help let the mind recuperate and calm down again. Art is best but spending time drawing in the sand, gardening or building with Lego is creative too... listen to your heart and enjoy your time out. Don't forget to breathe now and then too! Something that is easily overlooked when stressed out in the fast lane! 

Can't decide what you need? Buy a Giftcard for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions ... or UnBirthdays (we each get 364 of those every year!
Tell your loved ones you wish for an Art by Jenny Gift Voucher (also called a giftcard). This close to Christmas, I recommend the digital version - a beautiful picture with a unique code with no use-by date. Plus with FREE delivery Australia wide, you're giving a gift with no extra surprises (eg, postage costs).

Creative Corner ... Be inspired to have a go with fun arty crafty techniques (old and new) at my blog 'A Life Less Ordinary'. Its long name is "Creating A Life Less Ordinary Through Art" but I often shorten it. On the blog, I regularly post new tutorials with easy to follow instructions, lists of treasures used, hints, tips, ideas and plenty of photos. I hope they make you smile! Click here to see the Mixed Media Gallery or click here to visit my Craft Blog. By the way, you can buy personalised kits for any of my tutorials and artwork shared on the blog. Ask anytime :)

FREE Colour Charts ... Have a play with your colours as you organise your art and craft supplies using fun personalised charts! Create instant reminders of colours you have, keep notes of customised combos, tones and hues, save real life samples of all inks, paints, pencils and more. Perfect for all arts and crafts supplies including Finnabair Paints, Winsor & Newton Watercolours, Brusho Crystal Colours and Sprinkle-ITs, Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks, Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley and Tim Holtz Distress collections, your favourite pencils, any mediums at all. Free for personal use only :) Hope they're helpful. Click here for the FREE Colour Charts.

While waiting for your paint to dry, why not have a wander through a few collections? I find window shopping inspiring for dreaming up ideas for my next project... besides, I just love to look at all the beautiful colours :) Here are a few quick links to show the way...
- Click here for the crafty Christmas corner ... festive treasures that are perfect for making, giving, collecting and journaling.
- Click here for all the Tim Holtz Treasures ... stamps, stencils, mediums, papers, all kinds of creativity!
- Click here for Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley collections ... vibrant colours, bold designs, perfect for every day!
- Click this link for all Darkroom Door designs ... stamps and stencils for cardmaking, journaling and scrapbooking, or simply for making your own pictures to colour in :)
- Click here for the Latest Arrivals ... brand new arrivals of fresh colours and beautiful designs to use in art, make into gifts or add to your collection.

To keep up to date with blog updates, latest product news and fabulous finds, visit the shop's blog (you are here!) at www.shop.artbyjenny.com.au/blogs/art-and-craft-news, Facebook at ArtbyJenny.GGofRB or Instagram at @art.by.jenny.

Sing out if you have questions or need a hand any time. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit Art by Jenny and read this arty update.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Wonderful and Joyful Christmas and a Happy Arty New Year!

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