Ranger Stickles Glitter Glue - 18ml Bottle - Any 1 Colour



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Stickles Glitter Glue ... by Ranger - a creamy, smooth glue infused with an abundance of super fine glitters in many colour choices. Stickles Glitter Glue is in an 18ml bottle with a fine tipped nozzle and easy squeeze application. 

Use Ranger's Stickles Glitter Glue to add a magical glittery shimmery finish to your mixed media, card making, scrapbooking, journaling, ATCs and other visual arts project. Bring wings and flower centres to life with a touch of sparkle!

How to Order ...
Don't forget to send me a message with, before or after you order with your colour choices.
Copy and paste from the list (scroll down) to save typing.
Choosing colours by communicating saves so much time, rather than wander about a website looking for each one you have them all in one place and can see at a glance what is in stock :)
If you choose any out of stock, I'll let you know if there's a delay or not. Please let me know if you're happy to wait or choose a different colour. Thank you :)

Mix and Match or collect them all :
Colours not on the shelf are marked ... ^_^ out of stock. Contact us to check if unsure which colours you'd like to be using. Some look the same but are different in real life.

The colours of Stickles available are ...
- Star Dust (clear iridescent, pretty sparkle)
- Unicorn (clear iridescent, golden shimmer)
- Icicle (clear shimmer, golden holographic)
- Crystal (clear iridescent, green blue sparkle)

- Frosted Lace (white glitter, cloudy sparkle)
- Black Diamond (black with rainbow iridescent)

- Platinum (cool vintage pale gold)
- Confetti (silvery colourful mixture of pretty)
- Silver (cool clean silver)
- Golden Rod (bright gold)
- Gold (vintage gold)

- Christmas Red (bright red)
- Cranberry (warm red)
- Rhubarb (blue red)
- Sorbet (cool dark pink)
- Glisten (light dusky pink)
- Thistle (pink purple, magenta) 
- Mermaid Tail (purple with iridescent)
- Cosmic (cool lilac with purple blue pink iridescent)

- Pacific Coast (ocean blue)
- Sea Glass
- Turquoise (green-blue)
- Waterfall 
- Cayman (dark turquoise, island ocean blue)
- Saltwater (sea blue-green)

- Seafoam (sea green)
- Palm Leaf (light bright blue-green)
- Garden State (leaf green)
- Green (medium green)
- Holly (leaf green with green red sparkles)
- Sunburst (yellow with iridescent flash)
- Yellow (bright yellow)
- Sunflower (golden yellow)

Perfect to use for writing a greeting, drawing squiggles, adding a touch of glitter to a small area or apply with a spatular to a large area for more impact. Use this beautiful glitter glue however you wish. It remains textured and raised, or you can smooth it out for a more levelled finish.

Stickles Glitter Glue is a creamy, soft, spreadable, writable, easy to use medium - made up of very fine glitters with either colourful or clear gel glue. It dries shimmery and shiny (some colours are more sparkly than others) and adheres to most surfaces, papers, cardstocks, acetate wings, fabrics (non washable ones) and even pet rocks. It is permanent once dry and does not flake off or go yellow.

There are other colours in this beautiful range of colourful glitter glues - therefore, if your colour isn't in this list, it might be able to be ordered if they're still available (always ask first).

Remember that any clear iridescent will pick up all the colours under it, giving the glitter glue the illusion that it has a hint of colour. Its all in the eye :)

Tips and Usage ...
- Apply directly to your project using the easy-to-hold bottle with fine nozzle. Simply hold the nozzle near where you wish to start writing or drawing, and squeeze until the desired amount of Stickles Glitter Glue is released.
- To keep the flow smooth, with the lid on, hold upside down and tap the bottle on a table a few times. This helps to fill the tip and encourage air bubbles to disperse.
- Sometimes the nozzle can block if not used for a while but a simple pin will fix that (poke it into the nozzle).
- To use with stencils, spatulas, brushes and silicon tools, squeeze out a puddle of glitter glue onto your craft mat. Pick up with a spatula to spread through a stencil or direct to your surface for an abstract finish.
- You can add a splash of water or gel medium to your puddle of Stickles Glitter Glue and mix it in to make a thinner consistency.
- I store my bottles upside down so the tip is always full and ready to use but they can be stored any way you wish as the glitter doesn't sink to the bottom of the bottle, it remains suspended in the glue.

Drying time ...
Let air dry on a flat table for best effects.
- Timeframes vary ... 5 minutes if applied as a smear or sparingly, 10 minutes if you've applied a thin coat, or up to 30 to 60 minutes if you apply it quite thick.
- If you use a heat tool, be careful not to hold it too long in one spot or it may burn the glitter or create burnt bubbles in the glue.

Clean up is easy too ...
Simply wipe off the craft mat, tools and stencils then wash the glue off with water (and soap if you've waited too long and the glue has dried).

Non toxic, acid free, water-soluble. 

Made by Ranger.

Price includes 1 (one) 18ml bottle of Stickles Glitter Glue in the colour of your choice from the colours we have in stock.

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