FREE Creative Calendar 2019

Something new for you to chew, I mean use (no blue goo in sight, reading Fox in Socks again! lol :) I love Dr Seuss!). A brand new FREE downloadable and or printable 'Month to a Page' Calendar for 2019. I hope you find it useful :)

I've printed mine on A3 paper (on the back of 2018). I don't bind my calendars, but keep it as part of my desk, always at the ready for adding notes, goals, ideas and prompts plus the important lists of things to be grateful for and what art I've created. I write down almost everything. Its too easy to forget how much you've accomplished when time evaporates like it does, so looking back at all I've done is a great boost :)

free downloadable printable calendar from 'Art by Jenny' for 2019

Download your FREE 2019 calendar here ... approx 2mb in size

How to use this pdf...
Download the file or open in your browser. Press "print" and choose the page size "fit to paper". I've designed it on an A3 sized page, so you can print it on any size you wish. Alternatively, take my pdf to Officeworks or your local printer and they might be able to bind it as well.

If you set your printer to fit two calendar pages to an A4 page (or "fit to A5"), it will be small enough to tuck inside the Dylusions Dyalogs Insert Books, small Journal and Creative Dyary. An A4 sized printout will fit the large Creative Dyary and Journals. Click here for all Dyan's Journals and Click this link to see the Dyary Collection.

I'm happy to print it and post it to you if you wish. Only AU$5 Australia wide (AU$12.50 worldwide). I'm able to print any size up to A3 (29.7cm x 42cm).

Re Monday starting the week... if you want the calendar redesigned to start on a Monday instead of Sunday, it will take a while but can be done.

Sing out if you need a hand, I'm here to help anytime :)

Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2019 filled with happiness, art, love, laughter, good health and more art!

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