July and August 2023 Arty News

Hello! Happy Arty Crafty Day :) 

Tim Holtz has certainly been busy behind the scenes - creating to inspire, sharing art by others, dreaming up new ways to create with what we already have, plus he's been designing, innovating and adding new variations to all our favourite Tim Treasures (art and craft products). 

Our arty news is full of Tim Holtz, Darkroom Door, Dina Wakley, Dyan Reaveley and a tiny mention of Pink Ink Designs plus a mini pictorial of a Birdhouse I made using a few Tim treasures.

Tim's Halloween events on Tim TV in YouTube are going to be every Saturday night (our Sunday morning) throughout August, during a month long extravaganza of demonstrations and wicked arty crafty fun!

This blog post is updated regularly, published as it happens! Last updated on 26th August 2023 with news of the stamps and stencils :)

Ahem, am interrupting this blog to say "November"... because Dyan has some secret Dylusional arty treasure news being announced while she's at Ranger teaching classes to the luckies! Soooo exciting!

Stamps and Stencils 🤩

Stampers Anonymous ... Tim's fantastic new release of stamps and stencils will be landing next week, late August! How awesome is that Shattered stamp and that gorgeous drippy candle stamp and those cartoonish eyes? So much fun for everyone! I love stamps and stencils!
... Click here for all Tim's Stamps ...
... Love Stencils too? Here are all Tim's Stencils ...

Photos are used with thanks to Tim and his live showcase in YouTube is this Saturday night/Sunday morning 😁

Which is your favourite? Me, I love the stencils, shattered stamp (just like Bubbles, it has a block), fabulous leaves and the owldordable critters set 🤩🎨 

I may have written a note in 'Foreboding' for those who aren't into 8-legged monsters, aka spiders. Aside from stomping all over the stamp sets, there are kinder ways to deal with this little defenceless critter! Even if it is "just" a stamp.

Tim's also released a new range of Eclectic Elements fabrics for those who love to create with materials, not that we sell fabric but its always great to see all the amazing designs and creations made by Tim and his clever team! Find the fabric at your local quilting, embroidery and sewing shop :) 

Idea-Ology Halloween...

Idea-Ology for Halloween - August 2023 ... Beautiful background papers (new designs), fun families of Paper Dolls with Layers, ephemera with birds, bats and vintage everythings, cute creepy Jack O' Lantern pots (to grow miniature ferns, hold bubbles or store faux confectionary (lollies), plus an amazing real mini witch's broom with cauldron and gravestones, very awesome window transparencies with attitude, a beautiful metal mirror frame with candlesticks, and stunning metal grapevine branches (with spiders, just add netting for web) plus more!

photo borrowed from Tim Holtz showing Idea-Ology Halloween new designs.

The Glass Globe, unless we find out it is made from a thicker glass or packaged much better than the Reliquary Dome, is only available upon request. Glass is such a strong yet also fragile thing! Contact me if you'd like one.

... see the whole range of Idea-Ology here ...
... all of the Halloween treasures are on the Wickedly Wonderful shelf ...

Distress Seasonal ... 6 gorgeous sets of Mica Stains in Halloween colours are now in stock plus the amazing Glow Grit and fabulous dark Black Texture Paste, ready for all your arty adventures!

... Check out the whole Distress range here ...

Sizzix and Tim...

On 12th July, Tim Holtz and Sizzix announced 10 (ten) new Sizzix designs in Thinlits die cutting templates, Colorize Thinlits (layerable die cutting templates), 3D Texture Fades Embossing Folders and a beautiful Multi Layered  Embossing Folder. 

Designs include amazing realistic patterned embossing folders (3D Reptile, 3D Cracked, multilayered Tapestry), flying bats and moon (Moonlight), Edison the Colorized grinning pumpkin with fabulous clouds, layered spotty backgrouds (Layer Dots), a spooky scene (Graveyard), fun dressed up kids (Halloween Night), totally scary words (Big Fright) and a stylish leaf set called Artsy Leaves! 

image showcasing all 10 designs in the July 2023 release from Tim Holtz and Sizzix

... See all the Die Cutting and 3D Embossing Folder designs here ...
... Check out even more in this versatile range here ...

Tim's Sizzix video showcase demo in Tim TV in YouTube for this new collection is Saturday, 12th August!

Distress Embossing Glaze! 

Tim and Ranger have announced the release of 12 new colours of this amazing embossing powder which melts to give a semi-translucent enamel like finish - Watch Tim TV reruns from the other night for embossing glaze demos, samples up close and inspirational makes by Tim and his amazing team of artists.

... See all the Embossing Glazes here ...
... Check out the whole Distress range here ...

These are the 12 new colours of Distress Embossing Glaze (shown in the photo, top to bottom) :
- Abandoned Coral

- Aged Mahogany
- Spiced Marmalade
- Squeezed Lemonade
- Crushed Olive
- Mowed Lawn
- Bundled Sage
- Peacock Feathers
- Mermaid Lagoon
- Chipped Sapphire
- Seedless Preserves
- Pumice Stone
... and in real life, the colours are even more amazing :)

No news about the last new Distress colour as yet, however I'm sure it can't be far away! Tim is sure to tell us all when Ranger is ready :)

Tim Holtz Etcetera Panels and Shapes

For a wide range of creativity, from laying thicker pieces on cards and pages to building your own boxes and frames. Precut, ready to use artboard pieces made of a thick mdf-type of heavy dense paper/cardboard substrate which accepts anything you throw at it (even balloons filled with paint). 

New Etcetera Tiles + Panels take your makes to the next level - by Tim Holtz and Stampers Anonymous.

Tim Holtz and Stampers Anonymous Etcetera Tiles and Panels take your makes to the next level. Join Tim and Mario on Saturday, July 22nd at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK on YouTube LIVE for makes and inspiration. Photos borrowed from Tim :)

... click here to see all the Etcetera Shapes and Artboards ...

Meanwhile, we have a huge selection of Tim's latest tools, essentials, stamps and stencils are back in stock - including some old faves that were out of stock for Ages. Speaking of which, the Rotary Trimmer Spare Cartridges (spare blade) have arrived in town. Not that we'll need a spare blade for ages, but it's always good to have a backup.

I really love how well I can cut with this Rotary Trimmer. It's designed and made so that the blade carriage doesn't wobble as it travels along the bar, so now there are no more diagonal or wavy sides when I cut! 

Loving the stencils (I know, I love everything! lol). How beautiful are the 'Creative Blocks' stamp patterns? This will be fantastic for quick backgrounds, featured on cards, making quick paper patchwork and using simply just because (my best excuse to create is "just because"). It was so hard to decide which was my favourite stamp set this time round, so I declared that all of them are :) lol The new Etcetera Thickboard Facades are fantastic and lend themselves to all kinds of ideas like birdhouses, potting sheds and photo frames. The Idea-Ology Figure Stands are so awesome and look amazing on my shelf, like little Monopoly pieces only better!

... Here's a direct link in Tim's shelf to have a look at it all ...


Arty Birdhouse ...

This birdhouse was created using my favourite birds from the 'Organic' pack of Idea-Ology together with an Etcetera Facade (the front wall with the round opening) and other Idea-Ology items - metal Bird Cage, mini green tinsel, Tim's Tiny Lights, Drippy Candles, Backdrops, metal Foliage, Botanical Layers, and Transparency Frames and Layers. 

Tim's Idea-Ology Tiny Lights turn a make into a magical wonder!

Art by Jenny off the page home decor make with the lights on, both Day and Night

Art by Jenny Birdhouse with Etcetera Facades - mini pictorial tutorial showing how the birdhouse was created.
Above is a mini pictorial tutorial showing how the birdhouse was initially put together using a Tim Holtz Etcetera Facade with Vignette Box and a few chipboard scraps from packaging to create the shelf.

Art by Jenny Birdhouse with Etcetera Facades, photo of closeup features
Above are photos giving you a closer look at a few details. 

Darkroom Door Arty News ...

We finally have all the wonderful newest designs from the amazing Australian brand, Darkroom Door, online. Sometimes the juggling of office hats doesn't happen as efficiently as I'd like, however, eventually I do catch up with myself and get my ToDo list crossed off. That said, there is still a huge stack of Pink Ink Designs stamps sitting next to me, waiting! At least its a totally beautiful stack of designs, we can't be having ugly things sit next to me while I type! lol ;p Anyway, here is a quick link to the amazing collection of Darkroom Door - 

... Click here for all Darkroom Door essentials ...

I love Darkroom Door. They produce excellent quality stamps out of red rubber that give great results every time. They're local too, only up the road and round the corner from us (give or take 1000km or so). Be inspired by all the amazing cards, pages, tags and scrapbook pages on the Darkroom Door Blog.

Dina Wakley MEdia Arty News ...

Dina has designed beautiful flat storage cases called "Art Pouches" in 3 sizes, plus 4 versatile cool stencils and a fantastic selection of typographic collage tissue paper. More arty goodness for every day creativity!

Find all of the Dina arty essentials on her shelf in the shop and be inspired to create with portraits, colourful textures and patterns.

... Click here for the Dina Wakley MEdia shelf ...

The lovely Dina has classes on her own website - and if you were in the USA, you could go diving into the ocean and discover the gorgeous world below. Of course we have divers in Australia too, but they're not Dina! lol :)

Dyan Reaveley Arty News ...

Dyan's most recent Dylusions releases include gorgeous colours of Shimmer Paint, hilarious Back Chat Stickers and packs of Dy Cuts (die cut pieces ready to use). Most of us Dylusionists would love to create with Dyan in real life, but at least we have the next bestest thing, a huge selection of arty treasures by this amazing designer and artist - all of her stamps and stencils, ready to use printed Collage Sheets, beautiful paints, inks and shimmers, journalling supplies, good quality brushes plus all the Dyalog Insert Books (small journals), Dyaries and Creative Journals, and those stylish Couture stencils and matching stamp sets! So many arty treasures for all of us to enjoy, collect, use and share :)

See everything you need of Dylusions arty essentials in our shop and be inspired to be creative using fun bold designs with beautiful colours. Tell your story in your own way!

...Click here for the Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley shelf ...

Dyan has been visiting Ranger, Stampers Anonymous, Art From the Heart and a few other haunts this year to teach in real life to lucky people ... and also hosts online classes for those of us who can't enjoy quick flights around the world. These are hosted on her own Dyan Reaveley & Moore website, and there's even a groovy club to join, the Dandelion Club, full of fun, laughter and Art.


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Have a wonderfully arty crafty Happy day!

PS ... Pink In Designs will be online one day, I'd like to say soon. Thank goodness each day is a new day without mistakes in it!

PS ... What do you think of our product flyers? I like to keep them fresh with inspirational ideas as well as product pictures. That giant gorgeous dragonfly perched on the banner of our latest flyer can be found inside the Idea-Ology Layers Organic, along with birds, foliage, flowers, and other beautiful die cut pieces. In case you were wondering :)

image of the July 2023 Art by Jenny product flyer of arty inspiration and ideas  image of the July 2023 Art by Jenny product flyer of arty inspiration and ideas