Arty Crafty Update - Friday the 29th - Dyalogs and Other Arty News

Happy Arty Crafty Friday!


It's Friday the 29th October 2021 (not quite as spooky sounding as Friday the 13th but we are a creative lot, I'm sure we can imagine it is) - anyway, time is flying so fast, can you believe it's November next week?

Each and every moment of every day for the past 2-3 months seemed to be filled with seeing hundreds of amazing arty treasures (products) being designed, announced, released, showcased and welcomed into our shop.

And this past week has been super busy with the long awaited arrivals of Tim's Halloween Idea-Ology, Distress Villainous Potion treasures, Dyan's Dylusions Couture Stamps and other arty goodness! I'm  parcels as fast as I can, trying not to play with it all while I pack :) Its all pretty awesome and alot of oooohing and aaahing is going on around here! A few overexcitable squeeees of delight too :) lol. I do love having an arty treasure shop!

Dyan News ...

Dyalogs! A new cover and 4 new inserts (or stand alone notebooks, journals, sketch pads, diary). The Dyalog planner system is so versatile, it can be use for more than crossing off to don't lists! Hopefully arriving soon. Don't have a date yet, won't be long though. Look how fast these wonderful new Couture Stamps were shipped - landed this week! Find them all online in the Dylusions collection :)

Dyan Reaveley has recently released 10 (ten) stamp stylish sets called "Couture Stamps". Each set includes an elegant person and there is a pair of smaller mini-mees in a coordinating set, same name with "duo" on the end. Even more exciting news is that they are due to arrive inStore next week!

Dyan's also created 11 (eleven) wonderful new stencils for us to use in our journals, cards and artworks. Designs include the Classic Shapes Set (has a flower, reindeer and more), Grandkids (minis of Edith and Otis), Behave (pattern of hexies), Tropics (the gorgeous flowery one), Blocking (multiple frames) and more!

Everything with Dyan Reaveley's awesome Dylusions range works beautifully with all our other favourite arty treasures for hours of fun for everyone!

Tim News ...

Villianous Poison - a deep dark purple with a hidden inner lighter side! How magical is this gorgeous new purple Distress colour? Available in all your favourites plus if you get the bundle, you'll receive a FREE Enamel Collector's Pin. All will be inStore this week! Everything is arriving at once!

Tim Holtz has released a new Sizzix Village Collection and three Mini 3D Embossing Folders (Brickwork, Lumber, Cobblestone) to create even more with your Paper Villages. The details packed into these little embossing folders are amazing! First deliveries are sold out but more will be here in a few weeks. Tim's Christmas Sizzix Thinlits has some left on the shelf with more on the "watch this space" list as we have to wait for Sizzix to make some more. I'm expecting fresh deliveries from Sizzix in November.
Tim's wonderful new Christmas stamps and Christmas Idea-Ology are estimated to be here by mid November too (that's only a couple of away). What was it I said about everything happening at once? lol :) So much arty treasure to use!

Don't forget to check out how Zoe Hillman stores her Village Collection and Paper Village dies using simple magnet sheets, Sizzix sturdy envelopes and a Posca paint pen for labelling each piece. Tim and Sizzix have created a pdf of basic instructions (nice change from video) for how to make a few groovy little houses including Tim's amazing mansion. Check out Sizzix on Instagram or click this link for Tim and Sizzix's free downloadable instruction booklet.

Tim's Limited Edition Everythings ... some have sold out but we still have a few favourites left including the gorgeous new vintage gold and rose gold super fine glitter. Light and feathery to handle and the colours are even better in real life (and yes, of course it goes everywhere, its glitter!). Used with a Glitter Duster, there is less wastage and a more direct glitter action!

Tim's Halloween Idea-Ology collection ...
Some have arrived, lots has actually! Thank you everyone for buying in advance. Once I've packed all these orders, I'll update the shop with what is left. 
Some are still delayed (Test Tubes, Ornate Gates, Mummy Wraps and others, they'll still say 'sold out' until I get confirmation of how many we will get). The same with the Bubbles, Drippy Candles, Window Frames and Snippets.
Watch their spaces for details or ask for a tentative invoice (so they can be saved, pay once they arrive inStore - this ensures we get enough for everyone too). The beautiful little Lanterns have been re-released in the Christmas Idea-Ology collection as well, so we'll definitely all be able to have those to use this year! Phew :) Thanks so much for waiting with me! 

Arty treasures in the Tim Idea-Ology range are amazing for making display pieces, visual arts, cards, journal pages, scrapbooking and decorations. How spooktacular they are!

There are so many very clever artists around and their makes are incredible. What will you make this weekend?

In Other Arty Crafty News ...

Pink Ink Designs ... have created sets of 5 (five) beautiful fun friends for us to stamp, colour in and create with - Hunny Bunny, Foxtastic, Secret Squirrel, Otter Nonsense and Brock the Badger. These guys are so adorable, they make me grin every time! And next month we'll have Pink Ink Design's gorgeous Bug Musicians series - imaging creating your own little Bug Orchestra!

Darkroom Door ... brand new stamps have arrived, looking awesome! Everything has been happening all at once (de ja vu or just repeating myself, insert spooky music here), so will get their Stamp Sets online soon :) Love that cool spooky tree and those awesome balloons! Have you seen the new Darkroom Door stencils and amazing postcards yet? The postcards are beautifully made in a sturdy cardstock, plain on the back for all kinds of uses - as an actual postcard to send someone or to add to a card, journal page, pocket or in scrapbooking.

Dina Wakley MEdia ... fantastic and versatile rubber stamps, stencils, gorgeous colours of Gloss Acrylic Sprays, wonderful collage tissue paper - all sitting here waiting for me to stop nattering and get back to work uploading product to the shop!

Stamperia ... I'm a tad behind with getting all of the Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass online - but like everything with Alice and her friends, it will grow, shrink and change as time goes on. Did you know there's a pop up card kit and a calendar for 2022? How awesome!
- not that I ever get sidetracked but ... Stamperia have a huge collection of designs including the Vagabond series - and did you see that Stamperia have made a wonderful new collection of treasures inspired by the artist Klimt?
- Graphic 45 has just announced a new collection of Alice in Wonderland inspired papers (different to Stamperia's beautiful traditional illustrations), if you'd like it, let me know so we can order enough for everyone :)

Keep informed of all our new arty treasures by bookmarking (favouriting or leaving open in your browser) the "What's New!" and "PreOrder" categories. These are kept up to date with latest news, wishful thinking and excitable arrivals. Did you also see that Tim (and his amazing team of workers) have created an Index... this is going to be very useful indeed. Also, if you need anything in the Index and can't find it in the shop, ask and I will try to get them for you (or find someone who can). Check it out at :)

If you can't see what you're looking for inStore, ask anytime! It might just be on my to-do list (my desk) waiting for me to get online so you can see them. They breed you know, when I'm not looking! lol :)

Make more time for art!
Create, stamp, stencil, colour, repeat - get creative so you too can feel all the wonderful therapeutic benefits that it provides. There are no rules and you can't make mistakes, so simply enjoy every arty moment! Its amazing how much art and all creativity can help our hearts and minds :) Enjoy!

FREE Mixed Media Tutorials ... The blog will soon have a new project for you to try. Just a few finishing touches to go! Still. I'll get there :) My blog has quite a few projects now, all encouraging everyone to create a life less ordinary through art, and all with easy to follow, step by step tutorials with large clear photos and loads of information. If there's a particular technique you're searching for or you need a hand, I'm always here to help. Click here to visit the blog.

To keep up to date with behind the scenes, latest product news and fabulous finds, visit the shop's blog at, Facebook at ArtbyJenny.GGofRB or Instagram at

Thank you for your time and reading my informative essay :) Sing out if you need a hand or have questions, I'm always here to help.

Stay safe, be crafty and have a creative Happy weekend!


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