Stamping with the Tim Holtz Platform

Have you used your Tim Holtz's groovy gadget or seen it in action yet? I used mine the other day for the first time. 

I've had it unpacked for a couple of weeks but it's been sitting on my couch looking at me while I used my Dylusions journal block.... ooooh! Did you see the new one? Its a fantastic size - long enough for all Dyan's new long stamps and Darkroom Door's border stamps.

Anyway... back to using the Stamp Platform...

I placed the stamp in position then took it off again and flipped over the lid - works much better when its the right side! Thankfully, I hadn't inked it up yet :)

image showing the rubber stamp with the word rubber facing upNote from the wise (me! lol), if the lid doesn't close flat, the stamp is on the wrong side of the lid. There are words on the lid (see pic) but I wasn't sure which way up the words should look.

This pic of the dragonfly stamp shows the lid for rubber stamps the correct way up... see how the word "rubber" is the right way round?

Its also smooth on the rubber stamp side too, whereas on the clear stamp side, it has a grid marked.

The phrase I've used is from Tim's Stuff to Say stamp set. Given how it is such a fine typeface I thought it might get a double effect with stamping it twice but I'm impressed. It just went darker, not even a blurry line! AND it didn't give me those inky lines around the stamp like I usually get when stamping with words :) Yay!

closeup of my ATCs showing the stamped wording

The magnets were so useful. Being so thin they didn't interfere with the stamping at all and held down the card so well it didn't budge a millimetre. 

I ended up using 4 magnets to hold it down anyway because the card was so buckled from the amount of ink and water I'd used. I'm a bit heavy handed with ink sometimes! I needed to stamp it twice because my ink pad was dryish and the paper was a tad damp.

I highly recommend buying additional magnets. Alternatively, if you have thin fridge magnets or magnetic sheeting in the craft cupboard, put them with your platform.  

edit ... sadly this is discontinued but there are other stamping precision gadgets out there - or use the old L-shaped acrylic block to line up stamps the old fashioned way.

If you need more information or help with anything, please ask anytime :)

Have a happy day!

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