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Workshops with Dyan Reaveley of Dylusions

Everyone Downunder is all a flutter with excitement! Dyan Reaveley is in town (aka Australia) and teaching at a few shops and businesses on the East Coast.

With Dyan's workshops being booked out months ahead of time, I've been very lucky to snaffle a seat at Darkroom Door for a 2-day shop owner workshop. So awesome! I guess it'll be like a business convention but will be much more interesting and loads of fun given that we're all nutty craftspeople with a love of colourful treasure! Ok, so not everyone is nutty :) Could just be me! lol :)

I've got a groovilishusly awesome plan... learn everything I possibly can about Dylusions and Darkroom Door from the designers themselves, Dyan Reaveley and Rachel Greig... then in a couple of weeks I'm going to host a Dyan Day here in Adelaide.

We'll drink tea (and coffee), paint, colour, gasbag, laugh, eat cake and paint some more! Dyan will be there in digital form - on the big screen via YouTube, FB, slideshow and photos.

I'm thinking late October or early November... that'll give us plenty of time to plan :D Any ideas, questions, thoughts or brainwaves? Need a particular day or date?

Price will be determined by what we will need for the day and while I haven't worked that out yet, if you bring your own journal then that will save you $45 (I'll have journals in stock if you want one). Location will be in the Noarlunga Library (if available) but may be in a community hall somewhere. I'll sort that all out and let you know. Definitely needs to be a full day :) I'm excited and hope you are too!

I'll have her new paint and ink spray colours in by then, along with the new journal blocks, stamps, die cuts and stickers. Some stamps have arrived and left again but more are ordered. If you would like her new stamps with matching stencils let me know because I've not ordered those yet. Dyan will have them with her so I'll decide after I see them.

So grateful to have a phone that is also a computer, camera, sketchbook and game machine! Makes me wonder why I need to carry around my journal (1kg), sketchbook (.5kg), pencils (.5kg) and waterbrushes (.1kg)...! lol :) I don't go anywhere without them, no matter how much they weigh. Luckily I don't have heavy clothes! lol :D

Also, for this week only, all parcels will be posted after I return on Thursday, 21st September. If your order is urgent, please phone me on 0428 898 120 and I'll organise it to be sent.

While away, I'll still be checking in, posting in FB and Instagram, answering emails, messages and phone calls :)

FYI, if you have purchased a Darkroom Door Stamp Set, don't forget I give a FREE stamp trimming service. Reply to this email and let me know if you'd like your stamp set cut apart (and if you wish to keep the scraps, eg: for stamping mosaics). Visit my website for details.

Sing out if you have any questions, I'm here to help anytime :) Phone or FB are the easiest way to chat this week.

Happy Creative Week!

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