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Sam Gets Two Homes ... a Book for Children

Hi everybody,

Its been a while since I wrote because I've been flat out drawing and colouring 32 pages of illustrations for a children's therapeutic storybook written by Donna Mahoney.

I really enjoyed illustrating this story and can't wait to do more! I designed the cover and book layout as well and now that its finished, I am looking for more books (or anything else for that matter!) to illustrate...
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How to Cool Down in an Aussie Summer ... or ... Far Out, its so HOT This Week!!!

Hello everyone :)

Its a stinking hot summery day here in Adelaide but the last couple of weeks have been mild so once this heat has left us, we can go back to complaining about the cold! lol

I realise 30C isn't cold, but its alot cooler than 43C. Some parts of Australia reaches over 50C... they're just not usually recorded officially by the news but it happens every January.

We lived in a small...
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Behind the Scenes of Wood'n Marbles

A behind the scenes snapshot from Ray James of Wood'n Marbles.

Ray is a talented masterturner and timber craftsman, and also my Dad!

He has been busy making a wonderful supply of handcrafted shapes and detailed silhouettes out of wood and some out of MDF (a type of manufactured wood).

Above is Ray using his scroll saw, creating a little arched 'Merry Christmas' sign for a large nativity scene he's...
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My Mum - Author, Artist, Publisher

A post simply to brag about my Mum ... retired dressmaker, historial clothes creator, artist, author, publisher. June is one of those clever people who is fabulous at everything she tries! Such an amazing person and a great friend... its wonderful to have a Mum who is also a friend :) I'm very lucky!

Read on to check out her books ...

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