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Ranger Embossing Powder - Any 1 Colour

Ranger Embossing Powder - Any 1 Colour

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Embossing Powder - Ranger. Choose any 1 (one) jar in the colour of your choice from the Neons, Cottontail Dimensional Puff, Metallics, Tinsels, Holographic and Super Fine.

Add colour, dimension, and texture to paper craft, mixed media and hand lettering projects with Ranger heat activated Embossing Powder. Embossing powder once melted with a heat tool, creates a smooth dimensional permanent finish on cardstock, scrapbook paper, TH Etcetera artboards, embellished canvas shoes and other arty projects.

Cottontail Puff which fluffs up to a white soft velvety feeling finish.
Frosted Crystal which melts matte and clear with a slight texture or tooth (ideal for sealing and glazing for a matte finish).
Neons are super bright fluorescent colours, fun for every occasion!
Super Fine Embossing Powder adds dimension and shine to your projects that use fine details and sharp lines!

How to Buy ... Use the drop down menu to select your colour or send me a message by email or phone to dicuss your needs. 

Use to embellish selected areas, create backgrounds, make outlines, create a resist, fill areas with colour, create lettering with a raised finish. Use with embossing inks, collage matte mediums, glues, adhesive tape, acrylic paints and mediums, texture pastes. 

Colours available are ...
- Super Fine Detail, Black
- Super Fine Detail, White
- Super Fine Detail, Clear
- Super Fine Detail, Gold (metallic)
- Super Fine Detail, Silver (metallic)
- Dimensional Puff, Cottontail (puffy, white)
- Neon Yellow
- Neon Pink 
- Neon Green
- Neon Blue
- Holographic (iridescent, shimmery, clear)
- Gold Tinsel (gold shimmery)
- Silver Tinsel (silver shimmery)

How to use...
- apply Embossing Ink to your surface with stamps, stencils, brush or dauber.
- sprinkle the Embossing Powder over the wet ink.
- shake off the excess and pour back into the jar.
- use your heat tool to melt the powder.
- let it cool, only takes a minute.
- have fun!
- To make it easier to clean up and pour excess powder into the jar, work over a sheet of clean dry paper that's been folded in half (giving you a crease to pour along).
- Take care with heat embossing as it gets very hot!
- Mediums, wet glues, texture pastes and paints may bubble when heated so these are best to be let to dry after applying the powder. Once dry, heat as normal. Practice and try different combinations to find your favourite way to emboss.

If you find flecks of Embossing Powder sticks to your paper without ink or glue, this is due to static electricity. Simply use an Anti Static Pouch to dust lightly over the dry surface before you begin.

This package contains ... one jar of embossing powder in the colour of your choice.

The jar size is a one ounce (1oz) by volume (44mm wide x 43mm high). The clear plastic jar has a wide opening see-through lid. Each of the colours have different weights for the 1oz volume, and some settling may occur.

Acid free and non-toxic. Made by Ranger.

Ranger Embossing Powders are available in a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes including Glow in the Dark, Puff, Neons, Holographic, Mixed Media, Speckles, Opaques, Metallics, Tinsels, Pearls, Super Fine, Tim's Distress Glaze and more, all sold separately at Art by Jenny.

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