Dina Wakley Media Plastic Palette Knife

Dina Wakley


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The Dina Wakley Media palette knife is made from a durable, single-moulded plastic. It is light, flexible and easy to hold and use.

This palette knife is made by Ranger Industries so you know its a high quality product. Palette knives and spatulas are similar but different - knives have the bent handle, spatulas are straight. They're all such versatile tools for any project using any type of texture pastes, mediums and paints.

Did you know? Plastic palette knives and spatulas are favoured over metal ones for mixed media and papercraft because they're flexible, the handles don't come off even after years of constant use (because its one piece!), do not rust, are super light, have ergonomic handles and do not damage delicate surfaces.

This package contains one plastic palette knife.