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Dina Wakley MEdia

Dina Wakley Media - Plastic Palette Knife

Dina Wakley Media - Plastic Palette Knife

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Plastic Painting Knife ... Dina Wakley Media and Ranger - 1 (one) handy tool for mixed media, papercrafts, visual arts and painting.

The Dina Wakley Media palette knife is made from a durable, single-moulded white plastic. It is light, flexible and easy to hold and use.

Size (approx) : 7" (17.5cm) long.
... handle, 9cm long x 18mm wide
... applicator or "blade", 73mm long. 8mm-12mm wide, rounded tip.

Being plastic, it is ideal for mixed media, crafts and visual arts because it is flexible, does not rust, the handle won't come off even after years of constant use (because its one piece!), are super light, has an ergonomic handle and resists damaging delicate surfaces.

Spatulas and knives are used for blending, mixing, painting, scraping, sculpting, moving, shaping, gel printing, marking - all kinds of mediums including paint, plaster, texture paste, embossing paste, glitter glues and gels, gel mediums, acrylic paint, clay, paperclay, sandable plaster and more.

Choosing which one to use for each project is simple ... match the size of the blade to what you're trying to achieve. Eg, spreading a wide even layer of gesso or plaster, the ideal shape would be the longest knife to give less areas of overlap. The little diamond shaped blade is great for small areas, blending through fine stencils. You soon get a feel for which one you prefer to use... like brushes, its a personal choice - there are no wrong ways to choose and use them!

This package contains 1 (one) plastic tool.

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