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Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz Waterbrush - Refillable Paint Brush - Detailer Tip

Tim Holtz Waterbrush - Refillable Paint Brush - Detailer Tip

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Tim Holtz WaterBrush - Detailer (small round tip) - 1 (one) empty paintbrush with refillable chamber that does not leak. Fine flexible detailer brush tip. 

The Tim Holtz Water Brush with Detailer Tip refillable paintbrush is an essential tool for everyone including painters, watercolourists, artists, journalers, calligraphers, illustrators, colourists and paper crafters. The durable synthetic bristles are flexible and hold their shape well. The very fine brush tip allows you to create thin and thick lines by adjusting your angle and pressure, perfect for small areas and details.

Simply fill the easy-squeeze reservoir with water then 'paint' any surface already coloured with water-soluble ink, dye, or paint. The Tim Holtz Water Brush has an anti-leak, controlled delivery system. Also includes a protective cap. The overall length of the brush is 6 inches (with cap).

How to Use ... Fill the chamber with water to have it ready for painting and colouring everywhere you go. The tight fitting lid ensures any liquid that does escape (it doesn't) will stay within the brush lid and not your pencil case.
- The controlled water delivery system of the Tim Holtz Water Brush allows for optimal paint mixing and surface coverage. No need for squeezing constantly for a continued flow of water or ink once first used after filling. 
- To fill with water ... the easiest way is to unscrew the top and using a jug, mug or bowl of water, squeeze the chamber when out of the water and let go to suck in the water.
- To fill with inks ... Pour the ink into a small cup or dish and fill the same way as you do water (squeeze and suck, then pour excess back into the bottle) - or - after undoing the tip, gently pull out the black valve, being careful to not damage the seal, then pour in or use a pipette to suck up ink from the ink bottle to fill the waterbrush chamber. Push the valve back in and screw the tip back on.
- To use after filling ... Squeeze gently to prime and enjoy!

Why? ... A refillable water brush enables you to paint with watercolour paints, inks and pencils everywhere you go without the requirement of a jar of water to wash your brush. It is self cleaning, simply wipe on a cloth to clean the brush tip. You can treat it like a regular paint brush and use dry and swish it in a jar of water too. Use in the comfort of your lounge room, a studio, while at camp or on the bus going to work. Everywhere! 

Alternatively, fill with your favourite colour for use as customised brush pens for calligraphy, lettering, painting, colouring and journaling. This waterbrush is great for colouring and blending stamped images to give them a beautiful watercolour effect. 

Only fill with water and waterbased non-permanent liquids ... water (salt, rain, tap, river, distilled - all have a different effect on paint too), fountain pen inks, watercolour ink, Dylusions Ink Sprays and Tim's Distress Inks (Spray Stains or Dauber Stains).
Not recommended are acrylic inks (too thick), solvent or alcohol based products, Dylusions White Linen Ink Spray (it has a powdered pigment) or any Distress Inks with powders and pigments (all metallics and Oxides inks). 

Pack contains 1 empty waterbrush with lid. Fine tip brush nib.

Made in Japan for Ranger and Tim Holtz.

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