Dina Wakley Media - Gesso White - 118ml 4oz Jar

Dina Wakley


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White Gesso ... 4oz - by Ranger for Dina Wakley Media.

Dina Wakley's artist quality white gesso (also called grounds or primer) is thick, opaque , made of an acrylic base that is water soluble when wet.

Gesso provides a subtle texture or tooth for paints and mediums to grab hold and ensure smooth application. It is ideal for making slippery surfaces more workable. When used for layering in mixed media, the gesso helps keep the layers separate - so that the upper layer doesn't sink into those below.

Use a brush, spatula, palette knife, silicon tool or sponge to apply to any surface in preparation of new artwork or adding layers. Apply through stencils or imprint with rubber stamps. Clean all tools, stamps and stencils straight after use.

Ideal for preparing surfaces made of paper, card, canvas, wood, metal, plastic, chipboard, and fabric.

Use as is or customise by mixing in acrylic or watercolour paints, inks, mica powder, mica flakes, glitter, sand, etc. Being an opaque white, colours mixed in may become a lighter pastel hue.

The wide mouth jar opening is ideal for quick, easy access and return of unused product to the jar. Cleans up with soap and water when wet.

Acid free and non-toxic. Jar size: 118ml (4oz).