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Dina Wakley MEdia

Dina Wakley MEdia - Art Cards - Deck 1 - 50 Cards - NEW!

Dina Wakley MEdia - Art Cards - Deck 1 - 50 Cards - NEW!

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Art Cards - Deck 1 ... by Dina Wakley MEdia and Ranger. Original designs by Dina Wakley featuring her mixed media, abstract and collaged artwork, printed onto 270gsm durable cardstock with a gloss finish on both sides, 3.5" x 5.5" in size with rounded corders. Pack of 50 (fifty) designs, (one of each).

Dina Wakley MEdia Art Cards are double sided, glossy pieces of inspiration with large rounded corners, each with a single word (typewriter typeface on small white strip). Thoughts include : mischief, antics, shenanigans, solitude, accept, calm validate, proud, morph, reach, fuss, catastrophe and many more - 50 in total. 

The backs are all the same, with a beautiful blue based artwork, while the fronts are in five different styles, word themes and colour-ways. Designed to help jumpstart ideas and inspire creativity, encouraging you to create whatever and however you wish.

A few ideas ...
- Perfect to jumpstart your own ideas.
use each card as a prompt or theme for another piece of art using the card as the plan for the colour and style.
- use for a card front.
- layer onto a scrapbook or journal page.
- hinge together with fabric tape to create a little book.
- punch a hole in each to store on a ring to keep as an ideas block.

Tear, die cut, cut up or use as a whole card. Alter using transparencies, stamps, tissue, inks, watercolours, markers, pencils, acrylic paint, texture pastes, mediums, gesso, stamps, stencils. Adhere with glue, sewing, fasteners, brads, paperclips, pins, collage medium or attach with staples.

Sheet size : 270gsm card, gloss finish. Each card is 3.5" x 5.5" in size, 50 (fifty) double sided pieces with rounded corners (one of each design).

Designed by Dina Wakley, made by Ranger.

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