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Dina Wakley MEdia

Dina Wakley MEdia - Spray Bottle Spare Lids - Long Droppers - 3 Pack

Dina Wakley MEdia - Spray Bottle Spare Lids - Long Droppers - 3 Pack

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Long Droppers - by Dina Wakley MEdia and Ranger ... These DW Droppers are long eye dropper style ink applicators with an easy squeeze rubber tip and long dispenser with marked measurements. Perfect for use with Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Spray bottles (sold separately). Pack of 3 (three) droppers.

These plastic long droppers (transparent (clear) tube, long easy squeezing top, one mL marked in .25ml increments). These tops fit and seal the Dina Wakley MEdia spray bottles. 

Use as a replacement lid for the spray bottles (one for each colour) or use the 3 droppers for all your colours and wash them out inbetween use.

These droppers are almost the full length of the Dina Wakley MEdia Spray bottles enabling you to mix the colour simply by squeezing the rubbery top, and being long will squeeze up every last drip of gorgeous colourful inky acrylic paint.

Similar to eyedroppers, these long clear droppers fit all the Ranger 1.9 fl oz (56ml) spray bottles, including the Dina Wakley MEdia Gloss Acrylic Spray Paints as a replacement for the sprayer top. 

Pack contains 3 (three) long droppers, each approx 4 1/4" (105mm) long.
Includes a resealable plastic storage bag.

Designed by Dina Wakley MEdia and Ranger. 

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