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Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley

Dylusions Stencil - Small 5x8 - A Stitch in Time

Dylusions Stencil - Small 5x8 - A Stitch in Time

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A Stitch in Time ... Small 5"x8" Stencil by Dyan Reaveley of Dylusions.

This stencil features 7 (seven) versatile borders or dividers to use in all kinds of visual arts and memory keeping crafts. The designs include dash-dots, holes, tiny horizontal dashes (like bootlaces or stitches), short dashes, zig zag dashes, crosses and long dashes (stitchlines). Use each individually or as a whole background element. Let your imagination be your guide and have fun!

Stencils are fantastic for building layers, interest, texture and colour in your art using paints, mediums, crayons and inks. The grey area in the image is the stencil mask, the black shapes are the open areas.

Dyan Reaveley's stencils are made of a high quality, flexible, thin yet sturdy plastic that withstands most creative techniques including but not limited to, stencilling, masking, printing with a gelatin or gel plate, doodling, tracing, layering and creating rubbings. Washable and reusable :)

Trace the outlines with your favourite pencils, pens and markers and colour in or tangle within the lines. Mix and match different designs for endless creative possibilities.

Stencil size: 5" x 8". Design sizes vary.

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