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Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley

Dylusions Stencil - Dyalog Set - Border It - 6 Patterns

Dylusions Stencil - Dyalog Set - Border It - 6 Patterns

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Dyalog Border It ... by Dyan Reaveley of Dylusions ... 6 stencil designs (edging, borders, dividers) in one folded piece to fit inside your Dyalog or other planner.

Border It features 6 designs in 1 - shutters (column of rectangles), dots and dashes (tall rectangles with spots), arrows (facing both directions), leafy (2 branches of leaves), holes and squares (big holes with little squares between each one), spring bloom (column of 5-petal daisy, flowers).

Stencils are fantastic for building layers, interest, texture and colour in your art using paints, mediums, crayons and inks. Made of high quality, fine plastic art and craft template to use in mixed media, journaling and other art projects. 

Dyan Reaveley's stencils are made of a high quality, flexible, thin yet sturdy plastic that withstands most creative techniques including but not limited to, stencilling, masking, printing with a gelatin or gel plate, doodling, tracing, layering and creating rubbings.

Trace the outlines with your favourite pencils, pens and markers and colour in or tangle within the lines. Mix and match different designs for endless creative possibilities.

To store inside your Dyalog Planner Organiser, simply slip the stencil around one of the elastics or behind one of the Insert Books or Pockets (all available, sold separately).

Closed, the stencil is approx 4.5" x 8.25", ready for including into your planner.

Pack contains 1 folded stencil. Made by Ranger.

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