Eileen Hull - Thinlits Dies by Sizzix - ShadowBox Frame - 5x6 Rectangle


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ShadowBox Frame - Rectangle ... Thinlits - Die Cutting Templates by Eileen Hull and Sizzix (no. 665939). Finished box frame outer size is 5"x6" and 3/4" deep. 

Make rectangle boxed frames for all your small makes, turn it into a greeting card, add flowers, create a scene (landscape, seascape, cityscape, rainbow), frame an artwork or create a book box - or anything else you can make with a sweet shadow box frame like this. Use landscape or portrait (wide or tall).

With this set, you can make frames that are 5"x6", 5"x5" or 6"x6", plus it has a curved template to create hills and waves. If used in conjunction with the 4"x4" Square Shadow Box Frame (sold separately, also available) you could create frames 4"x5" or 4"x6" as well. These are the frame's outer measurements.

How ... Cut the main piece 4 times to create your 4 sides of the frame. Fold along the scored foldlines and adhere each long side with your favourite fast drying glue. Tuck the square end into the diagonal end to give the look of a mitred corner and glue in place.

Tim Holtz Distress Medium is excellent for this, just need to hold it together for 10 seconds for each side then once assembled, leave to dry. Once completely dry, it is quite sturdy even if made from old book paper.

Decorate the frame to suit your mood or the theme you're creating, whichever you wish :) Take your time and have loads of fun!

You can make frames from all kinds of preloved papers, gel prints, scrapbook paper, cardmaking cardstock, Tim Holtz Distress surfaces, collage sheets, old book page or any other paper that works with Thinlits.

Create art your way and have fun!

This set contains 3 templates - 2 (two) frame sides and 1 (one) curved piece.
Assembled frame is (approx) : 5" x 6". Each side is 3/4" wide and 3/4" deep. Inside frame area is approx 3 1/2" x 4 1/2".

Thinlits are designed by Sizzix to help you create intricate and detailed elements in papercraft quickly using simple techniques of die cutting shapes and layering them over each other. Use colours that make you smile!

Sizzix Thinlits die cutting templates are wafer thin, chemically etched, metal templates designed to cut, emboss or stencil a single sheet of cardstock, paper, stencil plastic, metallic foil or vellum. Because of their fine details, Thinlits may require up to three passes to cut. If extra help is needed for easier separation of the die-cut shape from the template, place wax paper between the Thinlits die and your material and then roll through your preferred machine.

Use with any Sizzix die cutting and embossing machines (eg, Big Shots, Foldaway, Switch Plus and Vagabond) and compatible with most hand-turned machines. Check with your machine for which plates to use. All machines sold separately!

Store the dies inside the included FREE Sizzix Storage Envelope then keep in a Tim Holtz Sizzix Storage Binder (sold separately). For easy identification, slip the printed label into the envelope with the dies.

Shadow Box Frame Thinlits designed by Eileen Hull and Sizzix.

Sizzix product number 665939.