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Mona Lisa Metal Leaf - Simple Leaf - Silver - 18 Leaves

Mona Lisa Metal Leaf - Simple Leaf - Silver - 18 Leaves

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Silver "Simple Leaf" - 18 leaves (sheets) of silver composition metal leaf on a wax transfer film ... by Mona Lisa Metal Leaf and Speedball Art Products.

Speedball's Mona Lisa Simple Leaf is a thin, flexible sheet of metal leaf adhered to a wax transfer film, making it easy to use just the amount you need. Only the leaf that goes into contact with the adhesive on your surface will transfer and remain on your project, the rest stays on the transfer film ready for next time. No excess loose leaf to collect from your table!

Mona Lisa's Simple Leaf in Imitation Sterling Silver are very fine metal sheets of imitation Sterling Silver leaf (100% aluminium composition). They are a wonderful way to embellish flat surfaces for a gilded finish. 

Ideal for arts and crafts, decoupage, papercrafts, mixed media, scrapbooking, home decor, framing and other visual arts where you wish to add a touch of silver leaf. Mona Lisa Metal Leaf metal leafing techniques can help you achieve beautiful and unique artistic finishes, to embellish, restore and create on a variety of surfaces.

Contents of Pack ...
- 18 sheets of Siver Leaf on a wax transfer film (100% aluminium) ... real metal with imitation silver colouring, comparable to the brilliance of Sterling Silver.
- Sheet size 5.5" x 5.5".

Imitation Sterling Silver leaf will not tarnish or discolour if left unsealed.

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