Ranger - Bone Scorer Tool - Paper Creaser - 1 Tool



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Bone Paper Creaser ... by Ranger (also called a card scorer, burnisher or embossing tool). 1 (one) natural white tool, 2cm wide x 14.5cm long (3/4" wide x 5 3/4" long. 

The Ranger Boning Tool is an essential tool used in paper crafting, bookmaking and stationery design. The Scorer or Paper Creaser Tool is a polished and shaped piece of natural bone, designed for burnishing, smoothing, creasing, hand embossing, scoring, in scrapbooking, journaling, bookmaking, folding pockets and envelopes, cardmaking, origami, kirigami, diecutting, and other papercraft techniques. The smooth polished finish of this handy tool glides over paper and card, leaving no marks or residue. 

It is perfect for making sharp, smoothly folded creases, burnishing areas, scoring lines (straight or wavy, handheld or along a ruler or guide), embossing, shaping dimensional paper flowers and petals, origami creations, using with rubon transfers and marking lines in card or paper (leaves indents).

Made of natural materials, it will wear down over time but it lasts for many years. It does not transfer any absorbed ink onto another surface. Mine is over 15 years old and still working perfectly well with constant daily use.

Length : 2cm wide x 14.5cm long - 3/4" wide x 5 3/4" long.
Made of polished bone (not plastic).