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Sizzix Release Sheets - Wax Paper 6x4in 15x10cm - 25 Pieces

Sizzix Release Sheets - Wax Paper 6x4in 15x10cm - 25 Pieces

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Release Sheets - by Sizzix ... rectangles of waxed paper to help with easy removal of die cut pieces when diecutting small or intricate designs. 25 (twenty five) sheets, 6"x4" (15.24cm x 10.16cm). 

Perfect to use for die cutting small, intricate and very detailed die cutting templates like delicate wings and tiny alphabets. Use the pieces and scraps for journal fodder, ATCs (artist trading cards), card fronts, pockets, pouches, tags, labels, banners, tickets, stationery pieces, junk journal items, scrapbooking elements and much more. 

The Sizzix Release Sheets are a very thin (lightweight) white paper with a waxy surface on one side.

To use ... Place the wax side of the paper towards your cutting edge of any die cutting template, in between the die and material to be cut. Run your sandwich through your die cutting machine. 

The release sheet will enable your material to pop out of the die easier. You may still need to roll the die-paper-combo through your machine 3 or 4 times, depending on how intricate your design is and what you are cutting. Release Sheets work with all Sizzix die cutting and embossing machines including Sidekick, Big Shot, Vagabond and Switch Plus.

The scraps could be used as stencils, masks or turned into layers for collage. The fine layer of wax could be melted off with an iron (onto other scrap paper) or altered using alcohol inks, gesso, sealer or paints. Other ways to attach ephemera to your artwork is with staples, paperclips or other fasteners.

Pack contains 25 (twenty five) sheets, 6"x4" (15.24cm x 10.16cm). 

Made by Sizzix (Ellison Educational Equipment Inc). 

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