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Imagine Crafts Tsukineko

StazOn Permanent Pigment Ink Pad - Snowflake White

StazOn Permanent Pigment Ink Pad - Snowflake White

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Snowflake White - StazOn Pigment Ink Pad ... by Imagine Crafts, Tsukineko. Stamp pad with solvent based opaque ink for use on all surfaces. Fast drying and permanent on non-porous surfaces such as transparencies, acetate, glass, metal as well as fabric and cardstock.

Use this fast drying permanent black pigment (opaque) ink for stamping onto almost any surface at all both porous (papers and fabrics) and non-porous including glass, fabrics, metal, resin mouldings, paper, papers, acetate, transparencies, film (all plastics), stone and more.

An archival acid free opaque white ink that is great for journaling, stamping, mixed media, book making, cardmaking, calendar creating, home decor, display pieces and other visual arts creations. Similar to original StazOn but solid rather than semi-transparent.

Opaque solvent ink, acid free, archival, fade resistant, water resistant. The rectangular felt is 35mm x 75mm and 5mm deep, well raised from the plastic base allowing freedom to hold the inkpad however you wish.

An ink pad should last many years, however we have refill bottles available, sold separately.

To clean off stamps and tools, use a solvent like hand sanitiser, alcohol wipes, or StazOn cleaner (also available). Always use any solvent cleanser sparingly when cleaning rubber or clear stamps.
If you're not fussed about stained stamps, simply clean off the rubber by stamping and wiping off onto scrap paper until there are no more impressions. A great way for making scrubby patterned backgrounds to use another day :)

Being a solvent base, use in a well ventilated area. Do not inhale or ingest, avoid contact with eyes and skin. Keep away from flames, store a room temperature and keep out of reach of children.

Made by Imagine Crafts / Tsukineko.

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