Tim Holtz Distress Refresher Spray - 57ml Bottle

Tim Holtz - Distress


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Distress Refresher - in a Spray ... by Tim Holtz. 1.9 fl oz bottle with a sprayer nozzle for reviving Distress Ink Pads and creating faux fabric.

This useful medium will extend the life of your Distress products by putting moisture back into the Ink Pads and Markers. It can also be used to spray the top sponge of dauber bottles and used to create faux fabrics from cardstock.

Why Refresher? Distress Ink Pads (sold separately) are made of a special water-reactive ink and if you use water to rehydrate your Distress Ink Pads, it only waters down the ink dyd and breaks the formula, stopping it from working properly. A Distress Refresher revives the dry ink pad and enables you to get the most out of your inkpads, especially in a dry climate or after long term storage. If your ink pad still doesn't work well after Refresher, then you need to use a Reinker (also available, sold separately) to refill your ink pad.

Distress Refresher rehydrates and conditions Distress products including ink pads, markers, stains and paints. Simply lightly spray the ink pad felt, the marker nib or sponge dauber tip (old bottles of paints and stains had a dauber lid) with Distress Refresher to keep your products hydrated. Only needs 1 to 3 sprays for it to rejuvinate your ink pads.

Fab idea ... turn Mixed Media Paper into a fabric-like substrate, spray it lightly with Refresher Spray! Once dry, you'll have a flexible surface that can be altered, sewn, scrumpled and distressed. Its like magic!

Distress Refresher works with most other water-based ink and paint products as well.
If after using this spray, your ink pads and markers still don't work well, they need reinking (refilling). Reinker Ink Bottles are also available, sold separately.

Non-toxic, acid free.
Package contains a 1.9oz (57ml) spray bottle of ink refresher.
Made by Ranger Ink for Tim Holtz's Distress Range.