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Tim Holtz - Distress

Tim Holtz Distress Resist Spray - Gloss Clear - 57ml Bottle

Tim Holtz Distress Resist Spray - Gloss Clear - 57ml Bottle

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Distress Resist Spray ... by Tim Holtz - dries clear, shiny and permanent.

Tim Holtz Distress Resist Spray is a unique medium that sprays on semi-translucent then dries clear and textured. Once dry, this medium is water resistant even when sprayed onto plastics.

Have a bit of fun and use to create various layered effects on your project. Perfect for mixed media, visual arts, scrapbooking, journaling and other papercrafts. Fantastic for layering, watermark effects and creating texture.

How to use ...
Spray directly on a surface for a splattered effect or through a stencil and let dry completely.
Add colour to the dried resist medium using waterbased media such as paints, inks, stains, Distress range and watersoluble crayons.
A great medium to use with the Heidi Swapp Minc Heat Transfer Foils too!

Use for stamping ...
Working quickly and carefully, pour or spray the medium onto the craft mat. Use a roller or brayer to pick up the medium and roll over your stamp (rubber, foam or clear). Press to print onto your surface. Wash the stamp straight away, do not let it dry on the tools or stamps. I (try to) keep a container of soapy water nearby which makes it alot easier.

Always ...
Work on a protected area (craft mat or scrap paper) as the spray is permanent on all surfaces.
Clean the sprayer and all items (unscrew the sprayer to pump water through to clean the straw and nozzle) after use before the resist fluid dries.
Once the Resist Spray is dry, you won't be able to wash it off, even with soap and water. 

Experiment, be creative and most of all, have fun!
- acid free and non toxic
- dries clear and glossy
- permanent when dry
- made by Ranger Industries

One bottle is 1.9 fl oz or 57ml with a sprayer nozzle and clear lid.

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